Get $50 in Cryptocurrency JUST FOR SIGNING-UP with

Lol yeah safe to say you definitely won out on that one, i would hassle them into a one time payment, every month because you’re up $64 lol

CryptoCom latest Crypto Earn rates as of today

Updated the original post (OP) with a lot of new and relevant information, one of the most important updates is that if you are on the fence at all about this – you should strongly consider joining in the month of October as opposed to November because once November hits… is reducing the sign-up bonus from $50 to $25.

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how do you get to qualify for the new rates, is it stake 10k CRO for 6 months as 1 lum sum or just have 10k crypto earning?

Could you post a screenshot? @Jakub_Horniacek

@tct88 you have to upgrade your stake from your wallet – it is not in the earn section. Even if you’re staking 10k CRO in crypto earn, it’s not the same 10k stake to upgrade to the next tier – if that makes sense?

Yep got it thanks, i need to stake 10k for 6 months :+1:

Probably due to the backlash of slashing interest rates, CryptoDotCom has amended their CRO staking rates to the below, making them not as lucrative as before, but still very interesting. Especially the stake for the associated debit card and unlocking the $50 sign-up bonus.