Giving away 4 goldshell X5 miners

My mate who was hosting these for me with free power has made way for bigger miners and gave them back to me. One is reserved for @Budgetminer because holy shit get this guy his first asic

One might have a board down I’m not sure I’ll have to check over the weekend. Reason why I’m getting rid of them is A. I have no room to plug them in and B. I have so much crap in my garage I have no room to put them.

You just have to pay for shipping. Located in South Australia off the top of my head it’s probably $100 to the US

If no one takes them I’ll use them as target practice with my .308


I would SO love to have one of these but, dangit I dont have 240V >:( is there a way you can convert 120V to 240V? maybe a transformer of some sort? dont have the $$$ to put in full breakers, or anything like that :frowning:

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You might could get some type of generator or battery unit that does 240v out but is fueled by gas, diesel, or natural gas or if a battery it can possibly be charged on solar or a 110v. They aren’t cheap but might be a cheaper stop gap then the electrical work.

Didn’t someone get an s19 to run on 110 by disconnecting one of the hashboards?

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I have a feeling space warehouse design got an S19 to run on 110v? Can’t remember will have to look it up later

One is being sent off next week so if still 2 or 3 up for grabs depending on budget. I say you host it in vosks shovel :sweat_smile:


Hi there, what is the weight of the units so I can get a quote to ship to the UK. Thanks Dave

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I’ve been a bit flat out mate I’ll give them all a good clean on the weekend and box them up so I can give a good idea on shipping and I’ll let you know :blush:

Sorry for the late response Dave, it’s 6.16kg and it says shipping on my end would be 75 gbp

Very good, tell me what courier you would use and I will arrange payment and then ship them, unless you have another way of doing it? Many thanks, Dave

sorry, that would be for both of them if you still have ém?

Yep you can have 2 that’s easy done. I think I only have 3 fully functioning ones, but I think I have 2 extra hash boards/control boards/ PSU if you want an extra one of each so if something stops working you can swap it over and I’ll offer the other guy one of each too, PM me your shipping address hopefully I’ll get them sent by Friday, or Monday at worst

Sorry so late to reply, been otherwise occupied with health issues.
15 Aviation Center, Camp Road, Hayford Park, Bicester OX25 5HJ UK

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Still giving these away?

If Dave is happy to share then yes, I haven’t sent them off it’s on my to do list this weekend, DM me your address and I’ll let you know how much shipping is

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I have 3 working X5 miners, 2 spare hash boards, 2 spare control boards and 2 PSUs. I’ll PM you all directly and ship them tomorrow

Right sorting ltc into your wallet now, defo $80 yeah?

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It should be from what the postage is telling me, and ltc is that cheap to send if it’s more/less we can work it out after

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Yeah, THAT took awhile, I am still new to this and struggling a bit with the transfers etc, please let me know if that is good. Shot, Thanks