Goldshell 2000gh

Have sent 2 emails and no answer to either.

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@RonnieDennies504 The main website sold out there HS1 (50 Gh/s) miners. If you want HS3 (2 000 Gh/s), then you can get from here

Both are legit sites
It is kind of weird where the manufacturing company does not respond but the vendors have the stock

I have been watching those websites for 10 days dreaming of buying them :sleeping: As usual NO Bucks with me :face_with_head_bandage:

Now, the miner is available in Coin Mining Central

Timing is important… The Faster you are, the better you come out

If there are only limited number of Goldshell ASIC, it will acheive ROI pretty faster.


Shift this to #mining:asic-mining

I can get from my girl on alibaba for $4300 plus shipp(bout $200),but saw the price dropped by $40 overnight…tryin to stay away from asic for the moment…just slapped myself because I coulda bought 2 of these instead of 4 dead h1…

HS3 still smashing away…1 thing I noticed is that you can’t see the miner on some stat pages.

I would imagine when they do post more people would buy and will go down even more. Right now its hanging tough,but went down $3 overnight. I’m waiting to see what happens because by now miners should be arriving to buyers so lets see if it drops. GLA

From the day 1, the HS3 has been raking profits for there vendors and manufacturers. Deliberately they have been not listed in stats pages due to the above reason. or else same hummer h1 story will repeat.
Current profitability is $63/day dropped from $100 it will reduce

@RonnieDennies504 you are awaiting doom for hs3 owners… Are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol,nah…still punching myself in the head due to buying 4 H1’s and selling my 1000+ links at $3.77 to buy the c1 pro which don’t hash right. One day I will start making right moves…

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