Goldshell CK-BOX question

I have set up a CK-BOX and KD-BOX at the same time Wednesday last week. I changed the mining pools and input an address for both. I have been receiving rewards for the KD-BOX, but not seeing anything from the CK-BOX. It is mining according to the status page, but not seeing rewards in the wallet. Any idea of the timeframe for this? I changed the address again yesterday to a Neuron wallet. Not sure if anyone else here is running CK-BOX and might know.

I have a CK box and mine directly to Neuron. I get paid daily

Did this start immediately? I set up the neuron wallet yesterday and still nothing. Didn’t get anything in my portal wallet after 3-4 days.
EDIT: I found that I could enter my wallet address on the pool it is in and I get my stats. Turns out it pays when I hit 500 CKB.

I’ve been getting paid everyday, from as low as 81ckb. At least you found that you are getting paid, you just have to wait.

What’s your plan for turning ckb into another crypto or USD?

I used to mine CKB…I used Bitforex to exchange it to Bitcoin. It can then be sent to coinbase to sell for fiat.

I had used other services to send to me via western union, and or thru paypal … nah …coinbase is the way.

Thanks I’ll try that route

I mine CKB with my goldshell ck-box w/ dxpool and have payouts set to automatic and I get daily payouts to my cryptocom acct where I can sell etc if I want to
dxpool - 大象矿池,无忧挖矿
cryptocom -


I switched from dxpool to 2miners because the reject rate was lower. Unfortunately it only pays out when I hit 500 CKB tokens.

Coolhand, has CKB on it, I will trade it on there most likely.

I’m using Kucoin right now, took me a minute to figure it out but works pretty smooth.

I researched what to do with my CK box quite a bit before I got it last month. General recommendations are to set up a neuron node and wallet. Then I’m mining to f2lool with my wallet address and they deposit after 10 coins threshold direct to my wallet. No exchanges involved. After it’s in your wallet you deposit it to the Neron DAO and make 3%.


About how many CKB coins does the CK-Box miner produce every day? I saw someone say 81, but that could have been a threshold before the pool would deposit the coins into their wallet.

I’ve been getting 170 to 190

What pool do you use?

I use f2pool

I average around 180 a day with 2miners. Mine to neuron wallet and add to DAO.

WOW those seem to be really good numbers, “mine on”.