Goldshell KD6 - how to order

Ciao Vosk,
setting up this topic to catch the interest in the new Goldshell KD6. Started to mine in Italy after checking your videos on GPU mining but now it’s time to move to ASICS.
You made it possible to put your logo on a Mini Dodge series and now let’s raise the stake: we would like to see the Vosk logo on a KD6 series reserved to Vosk subscribers. I am sure that you can make it possible with our support. Can you ask Goldshell to reserve 200 pieces for Vosk subscribers? We could access with our email on Goldsheell and make the order. I would definitely buy one every year and I am sure the same would be done by the other subscribers providing continuity to Goldshell. This would provide two key benefits: for Golldshell a continuity of orders and for the Kadena community support by real people and not only from big farms.
What do you think? Can we make it real?

Note: it is clear to me that Goldshell will always sell out everything they put for sale but this would still be a clear line of business.


There is no official announcement from Goldshell, so I would wait.

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Boy oh boy would I be in heaven if they did that. And yes I would be okay with buying 1 a year till I reached a limit of my satisfied mining Kadena.

Let’s wait the release. Meanwhile I hope everybody interested in KD6 joins this thread. If we manage to reach 100 people interested I can compile tle list of email addresses and contact directly goldshell. Obviously the aim is that anybody buys directly from goldshell having one unit reserved against its mail address.

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april release

The pre-order is live on the goldshell site. ~38k


LT6 and CK6 available for anyone to purchase

I was expecting the price of KD6 to be a bit around 25-30K from Goldshell.

I’m personally not going to chase KDA at these miner prices as the difficulty will significantly increase, but I know there is a lot of interest in the kd6.

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TRUE, it’s already at 105 with difficulty and with these new boxes it’s going to be even tougher. Good luck KDA box miners like me. I cannot afford 38k USD on a box for Kadena alone.

I have registered for the possibility of a preorder but … the price looks too hi for the risk considering how the KDA coin moved in the past 12 months

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Yeah wasn’t expecting that high price from Goldshell direct for KD6. I was thinking around $25K but it’s almost the similar price what resellers are trying to sell.

Re-Seller prices went up as well in meantime. I got offer today for KD6 from China based re-seller at 52 k USD while it was in range of 38k few days ago…
I agree GS pre-order price is quite high but probably cheapest you can get on market and you can split payment 30% - 70% what is also a bit of adavantage.
Let’s see how it goes, what we need is KDA appreciation to be faster than difficulty increase :slight_smile:

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Received e-mail from GS this morning. KD6~38k with 11k at order time rest when ready to deliver. Have 48hrs to decide to purchase. Wish I had the funds.


I’m interested. I also put myself on the pre order list from goldshell. I wasn’t sure what to put down for declared value so I put 40k since that’s the price of it.

Does anyone know how to get insurance on the thing if it breaks in transit?

I believe that’s why one of the boxes said item value, I put 40k. Assuming they’ll have you pay for insurance ?

Yes it’s for the insurance but also for the custom tax to pay which 10%. If you put 40k you are in high probability to pay 4K to collect your package for tax :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry goldshell won’t pick me haha :sweat_smile::cry: