Goldshell Miners KD Box/KD2/KD5

Hi Everyone
I am thinking of buying Goldshell KD Box, KD2, KD5 miners to mine from home I also have solar panels producing 10kwh daily and electric @ £0.04p kwh for few hours a day.
My main question is are Goldshell miners re-programmable to mine other coins or only Kadena Thank You.

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No, you cannot reprogram them, they only mine the algorithm they are for.

Thank you Chsear11 what happens if Kadena stops being mined?

You shut the miners off and used the for paper weights.


@SinghisKing Do you have any reason to believe it would stop being mined? lol

The issue is the algorithm. Each miner is algorithm specific but not coin specific.

Scrypt miners, such as mini-doge, do have several coins that can be mined by simply changing pools or settings.

KD and LB miners are currently only able to mine the one coin available on the algorithm. I do not know how feasible it would be for future coins to be mineable by the same algorithms.

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Hi Chris
I cant access the Admin page for Mini Doge to set it up I keep getting this message

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


I have closed antivirus ,firewall tried everything can you help Thank you.

@SinghisKing Does it have wifi? If so, get on its wifi network and put in url field and that should let you access it.

Keep in mind Unless you have a few KD boxes, they are gonna take a real hit when the KD6’s come out.

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Hi Chris yes it does have wi-fi but is my ISP Router address that logs me on to that.I have tried to raise a support ticket Goldshell even that bounces back so something must be wrong with their servers Thank you.

You have to get off your wifi network and join goldshell wifi network you see in available networks, that address will work, then you can access settings through browser with that address @SinghisKing

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This is what Chris is talking about. Follow the steps half way down this how to document from Goldshell. Starts with Method 2.

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Hi Joe
Thank you for your reply I tried this now still no luck takes me to my Router my ISP I have tried everything under the sun still it will not log on to Admin page . I’ve done factory reset number of times it,tried with Yotta software noting seem to work any ideas please help Thank you

If it is bringing you to your router, then you are on your network. You need to SWITCH wifi networks and get on the goldshell network, then this will work. @SinghisKing

Chris I’ve tried that as well turned off my router still it will not log on to Goldshell Admin Page

When you look at available networks on your phone or PC do you see one that says goldshell?

Yes Chris it shows 2 I tried connecting to them still same message this site can’t be reached

Chris could it be that the Mini Doge boxes cant handle the my network speed I got
1gbs internet

When you click on one of the goldshell network you have to join /connect to it. That part won’t say anything about a site not being reached. Then when you look at your network status it should show you’re on one of those networks. Once you’re on one of those networks, then you do the in the url field

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Thanks Chris that worked I am on Admin page not showing any miners when click unlock its take me to unlock miner with User : admin PW its say is 123456789 by default but when i use that password its says wrong password.