Goldshell Mini Doge Mining Rig Review and Firmware Update!

Updated review on the Goldshell Mini Doge mining rig and if it’s still worth buying and also how I increased my mining profitability by upgrading the mini-doge asic miner firmware! Buy the best crypto miner in 2021 the Bobcat Miner 300 -

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Mining Dogecoin and mining Litecoin, especially DOGE, are some of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine right now. Goldshell has created the mini-doge box miner, this literal mini doge asic miner is a small, quiet, and profitable mining rig. Let’s review the Goldshell Mini Doge miner, and look at the SUPER COOL VoskCoin Tails Edition miner, and also how to upgrade your ASIC miner firmware to increase your mining profitability through increased miner stability!

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00:00 Mini Doge miner updates
03:23 I’m so excited about this
04:37 My Mini Doge miners
05:03 How much do I make a day?
08:06 New batch launch details
08:45 Important data regarding Mini Doge miner
10:04 Broken miners? How to fix them?
12:02 Earn interest on your mined coins with BlockFi
12:23 How to factory reset and update your miner
12:48 ASIC viruses?
15:32 How to get support on your miners?

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Goldshell Mini Doge Mining Rig Review and Firmware Update!

My mini doge hashrate has been down the last few days, below the expected 185 MH/s. Is anyone else seeing this as well?

OK Vosk I am here, please help me please.
This is what I have.
Four of your Spec. Ed. Mini Boxes Batch 3, at a cost of 3,196.00 us dollars. Can get only two to work. The other two hash away but for days now can’t get them into the F2pool. gooooo figure, sure I will be blamed for it.
The other thing is I have 8 Yes EIGHT… HS-Boxes at a cost of 6,552.00 us dollars. These Boxes came USED, did not buy them used but saylavee just a stupid crypto investor right…
I don’t know what to do, after getting robbed on Utube, and now this…well I am just out of gas man just plum out…
My phone number is 434-731-9873, and my e-mail is
I live in Eden NC.
I will write to Gold Shell see if I can’t return them or get some support, but so far they haven’t returned my e-mail, but then you did a show on this problem right after I sent the E-mail, so kudos for that.

                         NOT COMPLAINING, just really concerned this could be happening to other
                         people as well.

I’m still here, will be all night trying to get his right.