Goldshell Minidoge miner

Hi there,
I own 2 mini Doge miners from Goldshell. First one went pretty easy like plug and mine; the second is not working. I plug with 2 different PSU it turns on but then the light from green becomes red. Regarding the Ethernet cable I see it on the goldshell website but I am not able to access the miner from Lanscan (which it worked for the first one). Another anomaly is that it doesnt appear the name on the network like the other one.
Can It be a faulty model? there is anything I can do ? should I return it?

Does it have WIFI?

yes there is a small antenna,

fjollow the instructions in this document about half way down called “method 2”. Basically you’ll be connecting to the miner like it is a router so look for a wifi hotspot called Goldshell. Connect to it then open a browser to and you will have access to the mini-doge’s config. From there you can configure it’s wifi to connect to your home network. At this point you can turn wifi off and just use cat5 or just let it hash on wifi. I have several doges and half are on wifi and the other are wired. they all work the same.


thank you very much for your help , I will read it. there is any version to run on MAC?

it doesn’t matter what device you connect to the hotspot with. I use an iPad usually. But I’ve used a mac, phone, and windows laptop too.

may I ask you which software are you using with the Ipad?

There is no software needed to set up these miners. You just need any web browser to connect to them. So I guess Safari web browser on the iPad?

I know that, before I would scan the device connected on the network and find the miner. Problem is I am able to load that miner address on my web browser for some reason but I am able to I am able to connect to the other miner ( so cannot be proxy or firewall whatever ) …I am lost

if you follow the steps on the document starting with METHOD 2 it will explain it. But I will try below too.

First, on your device (pc, tablet, phone) look for available wifi hotspots. You will see your home wifi as well as one that is called Goldshell with some letters & numbers. Your wifi miner is actually BROADCASTING an ID for you to connect to. Mine is called Goldshell-b7cb. Next connect your laptop or device to THIS Goldshell hotspot - there is no password to connect to this hotspot. Now your miner is giving you access and you no longer have home wifi access on your device. Now open a web browser on your device and put in the address You will see the miner’s webpage that you connected to. From there you can tell it to connect to your home’s wifi ID and password. It will then reboot and be on your home wifi with a new IP address.

Then you can finally scan your home wifi with Lanscan or some other wifi device scanning tool to find the IP address of the new wifi miner. Once you re-connect to this new address you can turn off wifi and use a cable or just let it keep using wifi.

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really appreciate your help. thanks

Thank you, Thank you! I ran into the same issues as many in this post, Your solution fixed my issues. I am up and running!


I had the same problem, My IP address kept changing. Not sure why, but when I tracked down the correct one, it all fell in line. I used my internet provider site and tracked it there.