Goldshell Shipping Delays - DHL Hong Kong

Having ordered a miner on Sept 27 that’s listed as “shipped” in my account, as well as another last night, I wanted to let everyone know of major shipping issues DHL is having out of Hong Kong.
While my shipping label was created, there’s been no updates through DHL since listed as label created.
I contacted Goldshell that said that DHL isn’t processing shipments until they can make sure it gets on a flight.
I then contacted DHL to confirm. Not pretty. We may have it and just not scanned it because there’s no warehouse space.
You can listen to DHL’s explanation (1:11 in length) of the situation at Dropbox - dhl.mp3 - Simplify your life

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I saw on the news there were dozens of ships anchored at ports all around the US. The ports are full and can’t take anymore. There is a real shortage of trucks to move the cargo out of the ports - that’s the bottleneck right now.
I have two Goldshell miners ordered on Oct 13th that just changed from processing to shipped today. DHL tracking shows “Shipment information received”. I’m not holding my breath for a fast delivery though.

I just received a Goldshell KD5 yesterday via DHL - though I purchased through a reseller and not from Goldshell directly. Shipping label/tracking number were created about a week before the ASIC actually shipped from HK. Once shipped, DHL delivery was supposed to be 10/21 but it actually arrived 2 days early. Overall time from issuing tracking number to delivery was roughly 2 1/2 weeks, perhaps slightly better as I’d need to check emails for the dates.

I can also confirm that my DHL shipment from HK arrived quickly (2 days earlier than estimated) and without any issues. Shipped on Saturday (10/16) and arrived 10/19 EOD - took about the same time it usually takes. 2 boxes. Maybe the issue is only in certain parts of the country, but DHL Express is via air and should not be affected by current clusterf…k in ports. Maybe double check with supplier if they actually handed it to DHL yet…

DHL ships by air.

Can confirm, took over 2 weeks for a mini-doge I sold, to get on the plane. This is just a headache for everyone. Hopefully it clears up before too long. Has something to do with customs.

Good to know. My other Goldshell box from late sept order arrived a day early. So far I’ve been very impressed with DHL.

Just got the word from DHL, my miner listed on GS as shipped on Oct 11 has actually and really shipped:

Shipment picked up

October, 23 2021 23:38 Local time | HONG KONG - HONG KONG SAR, CHINA
Estimated Delivery Date

October, 28 2021 - By End of Day

Now if GS would just process my miner from the drop earlier this week…