Got scammed on a Bobcat 300

Be aware of, it is scam. (I know because I was on the wrong end of a buy)


Thanks for the heads up and sharing this, not trying to shill our referral link but that’s one of the many reasons we push our links so hard – to ensure people end up at the correct destination as well.


Add to that list too

Anyone know if is legit

Yeah, the website says 24/7 online support but there’s no chat option available and no phone number listed

I got taken by SyncroBit, so don’t feel too bad.

Either use the link Voskcoin just provided and buy for cheap and wait 20 weeks for it to ship. Or you can pay 3x more now and pay ebay prices. Ebay is, right now, one of the cheapest places to buy Helium miners for immediate shipment. I supply asic miners and I can’t get them anywhere cheaper than $1,400 from my supplier, which means after the markup, my prices would be WAY higher than Ebay prices.

Pay scalper prices or pay wholesale and wait.

I recently bought a Rak Goldspot from an Ebay seller and it’s now put to work. I was careful to check out sellers credentials before buying.

Hi Aaron, do you take PayPal? Any ASIC miners you can help me with?

You can check out my website Message me here with what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to set you up.


HeliumMiner.Shop is another to avoid. Every bit of contact info goes to a temp office rental agency in London. The agency,, owns it, and they have no record of anyone renting from them by that name, but the suites they supposedly occupy have been rented out to other long term tenants’ for several years.

Add to that list as well. Also got scammed on a bobcat 300.

Seems the best way to make money in crypto is to be an scammer, be it an equipment sales scammer or a third party crypto broker who will invest your money for you. To setup either is cheap cheap and almost 100% profitable from day one.


Dont trust any links found on the web.

Go to official website HELIUM.COM , click on Miners and you will find official verified links.
Yes you will be on Pre-order … For couple of months maybe.

If you want it now , then check for reputable seller on eBay . Of course price will be 2x or 3x at eBay.

watch out for @sarajefferson34 on twitter… i did some stupid and got scammed pretty big… im so mad at myself.

I got scammed by I got fooled by the exact website.

Totally agree with you. Yesterday they called my mother and offered to buy equipment. They immediately offered to pay an amount of several thousand dollars. Fortunately, my mom first decided to consult with me.

Add this one to the scam list:
Ordered 19th June, get nothing now
Shipping batches is a joke, they tried to fool you with the information they show

Hey @Aaron_Raycove! Any deals for a first time customer? :smiley: I’m looking at the Goldshell Mini-Doge. I know its a longshot, but I thought I’d ask.

@JCW We can offer a first time customer discount. Give us a call at 888-897-8732 or message us through and I’ll get you set up

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