Hey everybody,
I figured out about a week ago that the Handshake Box from Goldshell is a LOT more profitable than people think!!
I keep hearing why pay 999 for something that earns only $35 a month after electric.
Well if you switch it to mine SIA instead of HNS you double the hashrate and lower the electric consumption. I went from making $35 a month to $80 a month just by doing this little trick.
My ROI is still 12 months at current pricing but not the 2-3 years everyone thinks.
Hope i helped at least one of you.
Have a good one people!! Talk to you all soon.


That sounds good I would be newer to mining but on a scale of 1-10 how much noise would the miner make on a scale of one to 10 If I have a 2 bedroom condo?

Wow i have the HD-BOX awesome configuration any sites or youtube videos on how to do it?

Yes!! I have been mining SIACoin and can confirm. I am mining on luxor pool. Which one are you using?

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mining on DxPool

The miner is very quiet. Like a fan that can barely hear.

Luxor also

Really? You’re referring to the HS-Box, right? I saw the option for that in the settings, but none of Goldshell’s documentation mentioned it for that miner. I even emailed their support to see what they said, and they told me it wasn’t possible. You’re saying that it is? Here’s the response I got from Goldshell support:

Chihiro (goldshellminer)
Jun 4, 2021, 13:43 GMT+8

Dear customer
HSBOX can only mine HNS at present

Edit: I went ahead and tried it myself and can confirm that it works. I did have a little trouble switching the algorithm back to Handshake and had to restart and reset the miner for about 30 minutes before I got it working again. I’m not sure if this is a known bug, which may be why Goldshell lied to me, or if it was a fluke. More testing is in order, but since I just got it working again, I’m going to leave it alone for the night.

Edit 2: I see there is also upgraded firmware recently released, so I’m going to upgrade and play with it some more.

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Can you use this on the HS-ONE_Plus-- Kinda bumbed its only making .45 a day instead of the almost $2.25 is was making–

This is great news! Where did you get instructions on how to switch to s i a? Did you go in the gold shell site?

You can go to https://find.goldshell.com/ and open the settings for your miner. Choose Miner on the left, then scroll down to the bottom to find “Algorithm settings.” Switch it to “blake2b(sc)” and you can mine Sia.

However, from my testing over the last few days (not taking power consumption into account), Handshake has been a little more profitable to mine.

Edit: Goldshell also recommends updating your firmware. They have firmware downloads on their Github page. They have a tutorial on their site for their previous HNS miners, but the same steps apply to the HS-Box. You can find the tutorial and links to firmware updates here: HNS、SC Algorithm switching tutorial – goldshell miner

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After I updated my firmware, my miners won’t mine anymore…

what exactly you can’t mine?

Any word on if there’s a restock coming soon for hs-box? I want to buy a second one so I can mine both coins. I emailed goldshell too, so waiting on a reply

I was just dabbling with miner configuration when I noticed

And you definitely have to be on point with the mining Calculator. If you do your home work you can average some extra money

@BCollins. I don’t think so because it has a different GUI

You can also choose the option to factory reset your miner on the same screen right above where you apply the updated firmware. If it’s not mining, you can do that and it should put you back on the old firmware.

I’ve installed the new firmware to the HS box and started mining SC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be more profitable than HNS.

Can you tell me what’s the hash rate/power consumption on SC mining?