Hashpool Jump Start (KDA mining)

Hashpool Jump Start

It’s a go! We have 130 TH/s and we will began switching over to Hashpool in the next 3 days!
(01/03/2021 thru 01/05/2021). And commit for as long as it takes to determine Hashpools health. (2-4 weeks)

We are looking into getting a group of KDA miners willing to all start mining on Hashpool now! We would need miners to stick it out on Hashpool for 1-4 weeks. And hopefully long-term as payouts should become profitable to stay.

  • If Interested, Please post below how many miners and type you are willing to commit. And we will keep you updated.

The idea is to all jump in all together to increase Hashpools hashrates significantly in a short period of time. Thus, to faster see if Hashpool is a healthy pool or not by reducing their lucks variance.

Information to consider before committing,

  • Hashpool – Currently has only 0.5% of the KDA Network Hashrates
  • Servers based in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Known rejection rates
    • Central USA – about 5%
    • East USA - 15 - 20%
    • West USA - unknown (should be 4% or less due to being closer to Asia, but un-confirmed)
    • EU – 2%

200 TH/s should make profits at Hashpool manageable enough to keep the momentum going. Ideally it would be nice to have enough people to get 1 PH/s. But its worth to try if we can get at least 200 TH/s.

The science behind this and why it will work. (Click on link)

The point is to help decentralize KDA. KDA currently has a huge centralized mining problem. 70% of KDA network Hashrates, are on Poolflare.

Because of this, its worth a try.


P.S. Thanks to RVJV3000 for getting this going again.


Right now we have, (Updated 12/30/2021)

Total Hashes = 130 TH/s

4 - KD5 and “x” number from Robert_Connolly (70TH/s) (18 TH/s each)(Total = 142 TH/s)
1 - KD2 (6 TH/s each)
33 - KD Boxes (1.6 TH/s each) (total = 52.8 TH/s)

Members with machines ready,

1 x KD box

1 x KD5
2 x KD box

1 x KD box

1 x KD box

1 x KD2
1 x KD box

1 x KD box

3 x KD box

1 x KD5
14 x KD box

1 x KD box

2 x KD box

1 x KD box

To be detirmined

5 X KD Boxes

2 X KD5


+1 KD Box


2 KD box


@SpragClutch did you make the reddit post as well? Just curious, I would like to follow that as well.

I have running:

1 KD 5
14 KD Boxes


I shall plug my KD box once it’s delivered which is due this week. I know it’s not alot but any small increase in percentage is good.


@TommyKnocker95 @SandeepKarnati
Every little bit will help and is greatly appreciated. And fyi I will be on dxpool for now to stay off poolflare but not take the hit on hashpool.

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Updated Totals,

12/30/21 - Total Hashrates committed is 86.8 TH/s

Keep them coming!

I’m riding shot gun! 5 KD boxes


I will follow the herd with my little KD Box when I have time to do so. But I can not guarantee it at the moment.

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I have 2 KD5’S do you know any information on overclocking these machines to improove hash rate I am planning on immersion cooling my miners

It all depends on what severs you have available

The Asia sever are the best for me for Aussie’s

Reject rate:
Asia 1.5 - 2% %
EU 2- 3 %
Usa 3-4%


Hashpool servers are in Asia, (Hong Kong and Singapore) Should get low rejects from them. Worth a shot. But hard to tell how healthy their pool is because its hard to see their luck over time.


I need to amend my thinking on how hash-rates relates to pools.

I have understood wrong, and need to make amends,

First, I thought that more hash-rates correlated with better luck. But this is not true. Instead, Hash-rates only effects the variance of luck. So, basically less hash-rates just means you will have more variance in luck. More hash-rates = less variance in luck.

So, two pools with everything else being equal, if one has low hash-rates and the other has high hash-rates, both pools should have the same average luck over a set amount of blocks found with shares submitted.

The only difference is, the low hash-rate pools luck would vary much more throughout this number of set blocks found with shares submitted. While the high hash-rate pools luck, would not vary as much.

The amount of hash-rates a pool has, should not effect the average luck.

What matters is weather the pool is healthy and its location from you.

Its important to keep tabs on a pools luck, as a lower average luck will point to the pool being not as healthy. An abnormally high luck, also points to manipulation by the pool and could be a bad sign. But how you calculate luck is important as well


We know Poolflare is a healthy pool. Its payout is one of the best. And has servers worldwide. Its hash-rates are high and its lucks average shows its healthy.

On the other hand, with Hashpool, there are many unknowns. We do not know how healthy their pool is. This is partly due to their low hash-rates. Their luck goes up and down and it take a much longer period to see just what their average luck is. We don’t know if they are healthy or not.

We have two options,

  1. Record Hashpools daily luck for the next 30 days. We can than calculate Hashpools average luck over the coarse of 30 days. Although this may not be the absolute correct way to calculate luck, we will be able to see just how healthy Hashpool is over a month. We should calculate their luck by calculating how many shares they have summited in once months time frame and comparing it to how many blocks they have been awarded with. But this is much harder to do from the outside.

  2. We can continue with our jumpstart, The increase in hash-rates should make the variance less, and we will be able to see with actual payouts from Hashpool to determine if they are healthy or not. If Hashpool is not healthy, we will take a hit in profits. So a lot more risk…

I know many have taken my word, and I don’t want to lead anyone astray. I was wrong, and wanted to let people know and clarify.



Luck will balance in the end as hashrate rises and more blocks are found. 100% or less is where you want to be.
I’m ready to jump Sprag, give the thumbs up and let’s do this!!


How many machines are you willing to commit?

We’ll figure out a date in the near future soon!

I’ve got 70T ready to go!!


Wow. Awesome!

Yeah Joe Joe, I’m not excited about it as I fear we may lose a little for a few days but I truly believe if we can decentralize the network, a lot more investors will come on board and we all win in the end with price appreciations and a truly decentralized network!!:v:t3:


Well said from an experienced Crypto miner! Definitely worth a shot.