Helium HNT hotspot miner VoskCoin Group Buy! šŸŽˆ

1x indoor Helium miner, shipped to Irvine, CA

1 indoor and 1 outdoor shipped to Los Angeles

2x indoor helium miner, shipped to Virginia, US

2 indoor to alberta Canada

2x Indoor Helium miners shipped to California, USA

2 indoor to Bucharest Romania

I would love to join this order! An indoor one shipped to Ohio would be amazing

Yes! Iā€™d take two! Live in Hawaii. Hoping to extend the network.

3x indoor Helium miners shipped to Hong Kong please! :smiley:

Hi! I would like to order 10 units shipped to Germany! ( Prefer Bobcat)

Id take any 2 from washington!

As i am from india! Would definitely buy but would it be beneficial for me to buy any suggestions!

2 indoor miners Canada

3x indoor Helium miners shipped to Texas, USA

5 indoor to Texas

2 indoor to Pennsylvania

2 Indoor to London UK

2 indoor. Seattle.

1 indoor Helium miners shipped to Miami, FL USA

5 indoor/outdoor Toronto