Helium HNT hotspot miner VoskCoin Group Buy! 🎈

2x indoor Helium miners shipped to Michigan, USA

@VoskCoin are you at all interested or planning on dabbling in crypto ATMs? I would love to team up with you or if you can point me in any direction of safe manufacturers to purchase from. Much appreciation!

I would like to buy 3-4 miners if possible. Thank you. US/NC

On May 4th, I ordered 2 Bobcat Helium Hotspots. I’ve been interested in crypto mining for years, but did not know anything about it or how to get started. But thanks to Voskcoin, I look forward to making some passive income and finally becoming a crypto miner.

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I would buy 4-5 units to Dublin, Ireland. Whenever they get their supply sorted.

I have 4 ordered from Bobcat and would do another 4 if we get a group buy. North Am and 2 outdoor 2 indoor.

I’d do one and possibly 2 if this was available.

x2 to Blackpool United Kingdom

id have indoor and outdoor just to join in
already got some coming awell