Helll yessss.. Just got tracking on my KS0 July 25th

How long do you think I’ll be able to make 20 plus dollars a day if at all ? What are everyone’s thoughts ?


Nobody really knows, all we know is its GOING TO drop when antminers ks3 ships out. Should be interesting to watch, anyway.


I ordered it from asic marketplace I’m actually pretty happy. I figured if I could get it by august 1st I would be happy, so a week before that is even better. And no customs or import fees they took care of that. It was 1250 out the door, which was icerivers price if you include import fees so I’m not sure how they made any money.


yeah sorry to say this but this coin and miners will burn alot of people, i wish you good luck and if you get back the investment from the miner = good for you, its just facing a insane spike on difficulty-payout ahead


Probably like a 10X in dif lol

Sorry, no profit. Kaspa mining calculator - KHeavyHash ⛏️ | minerstat

Lol. It makes 25 dollars a day. You were calculating 100 megahash not 100 gigahash. But good try.

When I first heard of these miners I thought it was a huge gamble, with the risk of a company I’ve never heard of not shipping and then having Bitmain release their miners. Then I watched Apextos live stream of the ice river show case and I was really tempted to pull the trigger on one, and they had stock shortly after I think. I’ve read quite a few early adopters (that are the public, not YouTubers) making absolute bank on these miners, and well done to them. As for me well there’s an old saying that goes scared money makes no money. I should have pulled the trigger after watching the showcase but for me personally I think it’s too late

I should say too late at these current prices. If the next batch price drops to match difficulty at a 1 month ROI then I’ll consider picking one up


eh these were a HUGE gamble, personally I didn’t see the risk vs reward being worth it but its looking like the buy on iceriver miners is paying off for people, I just got the ks0 in and it is really making $25 a day in KAS, the miner does exist… shipping times seem to be accurate (so far) and resellers boast about having stock of these miners (numerous resellers) which translates to a fair amount of actual production on the KS0 miner.


well like most if i was early to get these then the 800/900 they cost atm be easy to roi 20-40 days , see the new batch is to be sent out between 1-10th august, so there gonna be even more machines , grats and salute to the ones that got it early , for me to get a machine is gonna be too late currently , the coin rewards also drops 9 per months add in the fact the heavy hitter machines gonna hit the market, so you guys who have the ks0 mine and make that back

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Thanks for the heads up, Vosk! Just picked one up (also got the $100 off with code VOSKCOIN) and am excited to get it mining to my node. I did have a couple of questions, though, if you’re able to help. Thanks again!

Are there any customs or import fees I need to pay separate from the purchase price?

Did the PSU come with a regular US standard outlet cord?

I followed your electricity episode, and worked with an electrician, to get 240 wired to my basement and would like to plug this into the PDU I have. I got an “Industrial PDU 240V 30A L6-30P Plug AMP & WATT Meter Breaker 6-C13 & 4-C19 Outlets (Meter Breaker C13-C19)” Do you know which 240 cord will work with this PSU?

At current prices, in 6 months the daily rewards will be between .51 cents to maybe a dollar. Still time to roi, and if Kas 10X’s then there’s that.

Since I’m still very green to mining, I’ll sit on the sidelines and watch. It will be a good learning experience, and maybe I can get in early on the next “big thing”. :slight_smile:

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2025 will be the next BIG thing (supposedly a bull run) cant wait for that :smiley:

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