These IceRiver Miners Were Making OVER $125 a day, Now... much less, Kaspa Mining Update

These IceRiver Kaspa mining rigs are some of the most profitable mining rigs you can buy, but the mining profitability of these ASIC miners have been plummeting. Here’s the Kaspa KAS mining update, price prediction, and basically answering the question is it worth to buy Kaspa miners? Evergreen just added compression to their miners! - shop – Evergreen

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Bitmain and IceRiver are major ASIC miner manufacturers, especially Bitmain, and the Antminer KS3 miners are now shipping which will drastically impact KAS mining profitability, and many people overlook the Kaspa emission schedule which is basically a Kaspa halving in a year with coins mined.

IceRiver ASIC miner official website - ICERIVER
How to prepare your home electricity for mining -

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00:00 Kaspa Mining Update!
02:08 A Starknet Short story…
03:22 Kaspa KAS price & trading
04:54 Kaspa mining emissions
06:34 Miner #1 - IceRiver KS0 mining update
10:16 Kaspa KAS mining reductions
11:47 Miner #2 - IceRiver KS1 mining update
15:23 Bitmain Antminer KS3 release
17:03 Future of Kaspa KAS ASIC mining
18:45 Is it worth mining Kaspa KAS?

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These IceRiver Miners Were Making OVER $125 a day, Now… much less, Kaspa Mining Update

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The 2 I have are mining 179 a day and dropping daily.