Help with first rig

Hi guys I’m new to mining and have been watching you tube videos for a while to understand mining. I think I’m ready to build my first gpu rig and wanted to get some advice soI don’t waste money on something stupid. I was planing on buying the following items for my rig:
EVGA gold 1000
32g flash drive
Ubit risers
Veddha 6 gpu frame
Corsair vengeance 8g ddr4 ram
Intel G4560
Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A Mother board
RX 580 GPU 8g

I wasn’t sure really how to size the power supply to the rig and don’t know if it’s a good idea to start with a rx 580. I was hoping to get one or two cards. then over time add more cards to this rig. When I feel more comfortable to build the 2nd rig go to a more expensive card with a better hash rate. So let me know your thoughts on what I was thinking of building and any changes I should make to my first build.


I am fairly new to this aswell the 1000w power supply is good you could possible get 6 cards on that from the research I have done with the 580 cards if you overclock correctly I think you can get 30mhs from 1 card with a power wattage of around 70 - 80w a card. The gigabyte motherboard i have make sure you go in to the bios and turn on mining mode. With the flash drive will you be using that to run the os? I did have a USB but have upgraded to a ssd simple to connect and set up and It freed up a USB spot. USB will work tho. What os are you going to use? I mine with hive os which I reccomend. Enjoy building it :slight_smile: I am fairly new to this so what is mentioned above is currently what I no and have researched. Wil be good to see the build :slight_smile:

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For the ssd I bought this off of amazon it is cheap and it works yucun ssd 60gb

Yes, I was going to use the flash drive to run the os. I was thinking of running simple miner os. I haven’t heard of hive os but I’ll do some research on it.

Nice usb will work i reckon :+1: hive os is brilliant when I got in to mining I was advised to use hive and its good. You can use plenty of diffeent miners like claymore / phoenix miner and it is simple to set up. Pick the coin you want create a wallet then a pool and miner and its all done. Here is a you tube video for hive os set up hive os set up and here is a link to hive os Hive os

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Question. If you are only using 1 Card, why buy risers and a frame? Just attach the card to the board and there you go. you talked about upgrading the card, but not whether you were going to use MORE cards in the future. Personally, i would jump the 5700 as quick as you can. 1 5700 will mine like 2 580s with 35-40% less power.

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Everything looks good. Don’t forget fans for the frame and some sort of splitter or hub to connect them to the power supply. Don’t get risers without a 6-pin power connector. The version 010C ones are my new favorites.

Ideally you want the normal load on the power supply to be between 50-60% of the rated PSU output for the best efficiency but also able to handle running the GPUs at full power. 1000W is perfect for 6 580s mining ETH but could be cutting it close if they take off on you. I buy EVGA Supernovas used on Ebay since they last forever. The 1300s are usually no more expensive than 1000s when buying used so you may want to consider going that route to be conservative.

I recommend HiveOS if you are going with Linux. It is one of the best Linux options and is free if you only have one rig. It is more of a preference thing in the end so try a few and figure out what you like. Good luck with your build!

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Yes, when I upgrade I’d first like to add more cards to this rig. Then once I hit 6 cards then I would start my 2nd rig with different cards. Is it possible to mix different cards on 1 rig? Ie. 2- RX 580, 2 - 1660 ti, 2 - 2080 or do they all needs to be the same type of card? Thanks for the info on the 5700.

@Blackhammer1 You can certainly mix cards but my advice would be not to mix Nvidia with AMD on the same rig. It can be done but you are required to run multiple drivers and this is often a cause of stability issues.

If you run just Nvidia or just AMD (such as a combo of RX580 and RX5700) then you only run one graphics driver and this is much more stable.

One other comment I’d make on your proposed hardware - get the SSD. This is required if you are going to run Windows, but will make Nicehash (or any other Linux miner) work better as well.

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What do you guys think about this motherboard? ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT LGA1151 The original one I was going to buy is sold out. Also is the intel 4560 the wrong processor for mining? Should I go with a different one and if so which one?

I’m not a huge fan of the B250 mining expert. There are more forum posts about setup problems with that board than any other I think. AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ and Biostar TB250-BTC Pro are both solid. The 4560 is fine as long as it doesn’t cost much. A G3930 is plenty for mining and they go for $40 new on ebay. Go for whatever is a good deal.

I got one and it’s worked fine for me… But, it’s also overkill for my own home mining. If you’ve got a set-up where you are going to use multiple PSU’s and tons of cards, it’s handy to be able to do it with one rig. If you aren’t going to be going over like 6 cards, you might want to go with something else.

If you are talking about GPU mining, you don’t need a fancy processor. Or, are you thinking of also throwing the CPU at mining as well?

@InvestYG I planed on getting 6 cards in total for this rig. I was going to buy them as I have extra money but a total of 6 cards. As far as cpu mining i don’t know much about it but if this process could do that then sure I would cpu mine as well. I’d need to do some research on how to set that up.

@bick0012 I originally was going to go with the AsRock H110 pro BTC+ but right now they are sold out. I did hear a lot of problems on you tube with the B250 mining expert. So I wasn’t sure what to do now.

I think the B250 mining expert can be a little more difficult to setup for some but is pretty popular so my guess is it works just fine in the end. If I couldn’t the AsRock or the Biostar, it would probably be next on the list for me to try.

@Blackhammer1 Good advice here. I run both a Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ and a ASUS B250 Mining Expert and have had no problems at all with either of them. The issue for you is more about whether you want to pay for a board that supports 19 GPUs when you are only planning to use 6. Like @bick0012 says, go for the Asrock unless you just can’t wait for it to come back in stock.

I have a Gigabyte H110 MB…gave me a fit a first but works really well now…in bios when I enabled mining mode and saved/exit it just kept looping back to bios…turned it off…enable above 4g setting and use the onboard video for your main input…don’t run monitor off one of your cards…at first would not let me run more than 2 cards without crashing…I had them plugged in to 1st 2 pcieeslots…started at the last slot and worked my way up the board 1 by1 and it worked with all 5 of my cards… Working good now but really had to play with it

H110 motherboards:

I prefer the B250 to the H110 but you can’t beat this price right now (maybe).

Here’s that AsRock board:

Here’s the board I use with my Intel G4560 and It works great using XMP on 2400 memory.

Gigabyte GA-B250-FinTech 12 LGA1151 Intel ATX Cryptocurrency Mining 12PCIe 3.0 DDR4

I ended up ordering The B250 mining expert because the other ones were over $100 and the B250 was only $85. I did order everything I need to build my first rig and will be posting a pic soon. I only got 1 card so I can figure out how everything works. Once I’m up and running I’ll be order 5 more cards.

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Because of the 13 pcie slots on the AsRock H110 motherboard, it is possible that the riser adapters that plug into the pcie slots can short out together.

Some people have wrapped electrical tape around the plug in cards to prevent this shorting

Initially I reported the mining expert board with this issue, and have corrected it.