Hey all! Another PrimeXBT + VoskCoin Giveaway Today at 1:30PM EST!

Stream today at 1:30PM EST giving away five PrimeXBT codes worth 0.005 BTC!

VoskCoin is partnering with PrimeXBT again to bring you five 0.005 BTC codes again! Two will be given out in the livestream chat, two will be given out on Twitter and one will be given out on Telegram.

PrimeXBT is an award winning platform that claims to be the No. 1 platform for active BTC trading, where you can participate in cryptocurrency trades and investing even if you don’t have the time to learn what all of the charts mean. They have a feature that allows you to follow and copy professional and full-time investors in the cryptocurrency sphere. You can also follow and copy friends that you believe in on the platform!

And if you’re thinking about signing up, use our referral code: https://voskco.in/primexbt
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Hope to see you all soon!

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