Hello VoskCoinTalk, nice to meet you!

I’m Brittany, i’ll be working with VoskCoin. I’ve been involved with the cryptocurrency sphere for the past year and a half (although i’m by no means an expert!). I do graphic design, writing/editing, and any and all odds and ends tasks that need to be worked on. I like video games, cooking, and hope to be a proud new puppy mom sometime this year. If you see the super rad millenial pink logo around, that’s me!
Nice to meet you all!


welcome Brittany :smiley:


What kind of pups you looking at?

Big dogs are best dogs…

Hi greer!
I like big dogs too but where I currently live has a weight restriction- wanting a mini Australian shepherd but no decisions have been made yet.
If I could have it my way with no restrictions, probably either a husky or a full-sized Australian shepherd. All dogs are good dogs though!