How do you make an asic quiet?!

I recently got an s9k, and it is wayyyyyyyyyy to loud, how do I make it quieter and keep it cool, I need it to be a lot quieter…

Various techniques on Youtube utilizing cooler’s. The original video I watched was on Red Panda Miner, but here is another:

There is also immersive cooling:


Shut it off!! :joy::joy:


I wouldn’t turn on the S9 in current state of affair…

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Im not sure how useful this would be to you but other users have installed new silent fans on their ASICs.

I know that when you try to silence any unit such as a desktop, server, mining rig or power supply you have to make sure the wiring is compatible, that all loads on components are the same and the electrical work is done to a standard that you bought it from the factory at, or theres no point in doing it as you present yourself with a greater risk if you hack up the machines and do a bad job.

I have free electric