How I Earned $1000s with Cryptocurrency using one app and how YOU CAN TOO!

Here’s an honest review on how I earned 1000s with cryptocurrency specifically the SocialGood SG token crypto cashback rewards token and how you can earn $1000s too! The “100% cashback” Crypto App $25 free SG download - 100% Crypto Back on Everyday Shopping / SocialGood App

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SocialGood claims to have patented crypto cashback technology and depending on what you purchase through their app they even guarantee the amount of crypto cashback to a dollar amount! A lot of people said SocialGood was a scam, or they thought SocialGood was not legit and many laughed at me but I earned $1,000s of dollars for free with the SG SocialGood token thanks to their crypto cashback app and their promos are still going on – you can still earn free tokens worth real money by using the Social Good app today!

Simply use code EB2Z6C to unlock the $25 bonus!

SocialGood patented crypto cashback app -
AMA and FAQ with SocialGood SG token - Telegram AMA with SocialGood (SG) | by Bittrex Global Team | Bittrex Global | Medium
SocialGood article from two years ago - Cryptocurrency Volatility: Enemy Or Friend? How Can Digital Assets Be Price-Secure
SocialGood SG ETH Uniswap pairing - Uniswap Interface

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00:00 SocialGood 2021 Review
02:00 Buying on Ebay, Bestbuy & Aliexpress
03:00 A fintech company from Japan
04:13 Cashing out BTC and Usdt on Uniswap and Bitmart
05:42 Buying Crypto miners using the SocialGood app on Ebay
07:00 Is SocialGood a scam or legit?
08:40 Low-cap hidden gem?
10:30 Getting 15% APY with staking your tokens
11:45 The 100% cash back campaign is being extended

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How I Earned $1000s with Cryptocurrency using one app and how YOU CAN TOO!

As of the beginning of October the SG team has suspended withdrawals.
they know that the coin will go to 0 if they let people cash out. you can check their twitter to see complaints.
Only buy what you would have bought anyway, the SG is a bonus. likely will be close to zero soon.
@VoskCoin I am surprised you didnt mention the fact that they are suspending withdrawals in your video, I used to trust the content you put out. looks like things are changing.

Thanks, Vosk.

Not suspended. Delayed. Withdrawals have been backed up because the pools are tapped and need to be refilled. Users are getting theirs slowly. Typically got my SG within a day for every summer month prior.

What do you mean? the pools are tapped and need to be refilled? please explain.

Does that mean that there are no buyers in the market that will take the SG coin? Does it not make you nervous that if you tried to swap out all 16,000 of your coins that the price would go to near 0? (if they let you withdraw them in the first place.)

I get that you have already made a bunch of money with the app, but ignoring the glaring issues is not advisable.

Nope! Not nervous at all. Hard to be nervous about something free and has only been a smooth ride up until recently. As long as you know when to get in and when to get out.

SG need to buy back in themselves, which they seem to be doing and some sort of squeeze is bound to happen as a result of it, soon. No matter what happens, nothing was lost.

Here’s a tracker made by one of the community members if you want to follow the pool quantities and whatnot.

I don’t see glaring issues, but glaring opportunity and promise. Enough proof has been shown that a lot is to be made here, and it’s been a fun ride. I wouldn’t doubt this thing will be going from where it is now to $10-$11 in no time. Use SG or don’t, either way, it’s free and you’ve gotten your products, like Vosk’s said.

I don’t think there’s another coin I’d rather be focusing my attention on, right now.

so you have more SG in your wallet than all of the crypto back pools combined. what could go wrong?
If you think you will be able to sell that SG for USDT or BTC without significantly moving the price to the downside, you are wrong. The project is about to fail, they are using excuses like, “the ETH network is congested” as to why they wont approve withdrawals.

If you are so bullish on the SG coin, are you buying it on exchanges?
would you like to buy mine? I will happily sell it to you at todays price and send it to you as soon as they approve the pending withdrawal.

I would argue that most other coins are more worth focusing energy than SG.

Still waiting for my withdrawal to be approved…
I will ask again since you seem so bullish on SG, would you like to buy mine? I’ll send it to you as soon as it gets approved.