SocialGood and their $525 FREE crypto promotion campaign

SocialGood IS BACK with a 100% cashback + $100 free promo

SocialGood 2022 update! A new 100% cashback in their crypto campaign, TLDR max purchase rebate amount is $1,000, but you can complete as many transactions as you want up to $1,000 per their terms, for example, you could be credited for 10x, 1,000 purchases, so potentially $10,000 cashback in their SG token - which is obviously a cryptocurrency and changes in price just to be clear!

Get an extra $100 for free with our link or code EB2Z6C

Bitmart is the best place right now to sell your SG tokens.
Bittrex is the next best exchange for SocialGood SG tokens.

The rewards are paid out in their SG token after approval and they do not guarantee the value of SG tokens but you keep the extra rewards if their coin appreciates in value.

I am still personally waiting for my purchase to be approved, credited to my account, and I will withdraw the tokens to ensure that works properly as well. I wanted to give you all the heads-up to participate if this is interesting to you, and I will update back on this thread with what happens.


I have been successfully credited by buying in the app or even just opening the app and then opening the eBay app and buying items immediately. I have also successfully withdrawn my SG to Bitmart where I can sell for any other cryptocurrencies I may want.

They have extended their promotion campaign another month as well.

The SocialGood SG tokens are easy to sell, they’re on the Ethereum blockchain with a Uniswap lisitng and are also traded on Bittrex and BitMart with high liquidity.

What are the risks?

So you check out with the site you are using, so with eBay you complete the purchase with your normal eBay account and I even completed my checkout with PayPal so I never even entered my payment information into the app. So the only real risks are you don’t actually get the SG reward tokens (then what’s the point anyway?) and maybe a slight account risk?

The reason I decided to move forward on sharing this along with creating a video review (editing now) is that the only potential “risk” is simply not receiving the rewards as opposed to having all of your money stolen etc. You can read more about SocialGood on their official website.

If you’re wondering how to get your $25 bonus approved with SocialGood, it’s pretty simple.

Here’s a screenshot w/ full terms and conditions for this SocialGood 100% crypto cashback promotion.

& a final note of advice!

Update - it recognized my eBay purchase, coins pending!

Please share your experiences below… GOOD OR BAD!


Ty , signed up with your code


Signed up, got the $25 worth, made 3 purchases, got essentially the SG value worth. Pending in payments waiting to go through in 30-60 days. No biggie if it doesn’t, needed the stuff anyway.


Vosk! you da man. thanks for the tip. I used your code and picked up two GTX 1080ti’s.

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This is super cool! Used Vosk code, and my GF used my code. Already have SG tokens pending. Sweet.

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Thanks Vosk! Love the videos, thanks for the info you always pass out the best.

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curious how long it takes for purchase notification to show up?
I have just done the purchase, and haven’t seen anything…

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Thanks Vosk, new follower from Mumbai, India. Already registered with your code and to my surprise there is an Indian online shopping store MYNTRA available for 100% cashback. I did some shopping now waiting on tokens.


that’s interesting, thanks for sharing, please report back on the results

Seems to take my purchases ~12 hours, completed another one – both pending now


Hello everyone. I just used the app to purchase an item through shoppee.
The payment is complete but the Socialgood app does not show anything, “Sign up” ----> “Shop”-----> but the “Crypto Back” is still Blurred out.
All the purchasing process was done inside the Socialgood app. Did i do something wrong or just have to wait 2 more days for a new notification?

Do you have to login into the store app via the SocialGood app or will it know if I use that app already on my phone? I kinda have reservations using my login credentials thru the SocialGood app.

Thanks Vosk! Trying it out now

Head’s up, crypto-back delivery ranges per vendor, but for eBay it takes over 1 month after purchase. This is kind of hard to find, but in iOS, it’s:

Shopping > [tap] in ‘Search Stores’ field > All Stores

Scroll/Search ‘eBay’ - Scroll through Special Conditions:

So, SocialGood will notify you within 1 day, of your crypto-back, which is why we are all seeing Pending. But for the SGs to arrive, it’s going to be at least a month. (Checking Best Buy, it indicates over 70 days.)

Cool program, but just know your crypto will take some time before it lands in your SG Wallet!

Does Social Good work internationally or only in the USA?

Would also like to know

Great share! Let’s go shopping! :shopping:

Finally cashed out my 1st approved SG from the Social good app. Based on the token value mine didn’t end up being 100% cash back but I was able to get out into USDT $273 from an initial purchase that was $365 Makes my GTX 1060 6gb a $92 gpu. One more GPU is now ROI’d I guess. It’s definitely a win if you have the patience to deal with getting the coins out and waiting on SG to go up in value enough to get your $ out.

Some of my purchase I made towards the end of the promo period could maybe come closer to being 100% or better cause the value of SG was down when I made the purchase so I have more SG pending on those purchase.

They also have a new 100% cash back campaign going again.


nice man! thanks for sharing and I updated OP w/ my experience, they approved mine and I cashed some via Bitmart!

Thanks Boss Vosk!

I made a purchase…

fingers crossed!