SocialGood and their $525 FREE crypto promotion campaign

From the first video I signed up, I don’t have much free cash but I did need a few smaller priced things, The value has gone up I am waiting to cash out, the other day I had around 40$ worth of coins which is right around 90% of what I spent. Time will tell if it will hit 100% but Thanks for the info, if nothing less its more coins that I have out in the world :slight_smile: (yes not a productive post, but it was a painless signup!)

Heads up! Social Good offers 100% Crypto back on all purchases. What they don’t tell you is that that offer comes with strings attached. SocialGood, along with eBay, get to pick and choose what items they will actually allow for purchase with the SocialGood promotion. Very, very frustrating to make an eBay purchase via the SocialGood app and then find out that the item purchased was not “qualified.”


can you post an example?

What I ‘can’ do is post SocialGood’s response to my inquiry. I made seven individual purchases, each of which was over $500 via the SocialGood app. I followed the process to the letter. Not one of the seven purchases showed up in my shopping history. I have been successful with SocialGood in the past. Here is the reply:

Dear Scott,

I think there is a slightly different communication.
Since the app is connected to feed from the partner companies API, regardless of whether the purchase itself is made within eBays app and whether those purchases will show in your shopping history in eBay’s app, the partner company may not consider that purchase has having been made using our service.

However, if they do add that information to the sales report we receive from them, proving you used our links, then it will show in our app, and auto-reflect into the app as soon as that data hits our server.

Unfortunately, if the links within our app weren’t clicked on properly or if there was a tracking disconnect (say you checked a notification while looking at your app, disabled tracking or enabled another cashback service in your phone, or you got redirected somewhere else while during the purchase process etc.) then this can disconnect the tracking that proves to our partner companies that you were referred by us (and not some other cashback/cryptoback service).

I hope this explains and so please just remember to follow the shopping tips moving forward and always click on the “Shop Now” link each time you make a purchase to ensure you get SocialGood.

We cannot directly communicate with eBay about the issue, so if it doesn’t show up in our reports and that data doesn’t hit our server, there really is nothing we can do about it.

In the past, I used PayPal to make purchases through SocialGood. I’m beginning to strongly believe that using PayPal will disqualify you from SocialGood rewards. Today, I made another purchase with a credit card directly through eBay - no PayPal. We will see if that makes the difference.

I have been awarded almost 1,276k SG. None has shown up in my wallet. So my gpus some cables, and a stripped panda miner. Ssd drives etc will be rebated when the coins show up in my wallet. I may do a double trade for deeper network coins with part of them. But I need to pay my credit cards. By the way i used pay pal for most of these purchases. Thanks for the info.

PS I shop online at Wally world through SG paying with my Sam’s club card. 1.4% SG, 1% cash from card.

Was just notified that my first purchase on June 22nd has been approved.

So what caused SG to tank? It was $1.90+ now $0.61.

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Basically people got the socialgood cashback tokens and sold them but they’ve told me they’re launching another marketing wave and token staking with additional incentives which would have the natural goal of improving price and adoption – recently more SG tokens were approved in my app bringing my effective cashback % to ~40-60% depending on when I bought stuff on ebay

Updated screenshot for reference token currently sitting at 26 cents

Big jump in SG price today. If my coins were unlocked, I would be selling some.

OK, so I learned and confirmed something about SocialGood this morning. When you withdrawal SocialGood at “market value,” you are paid in SG tokens. When you withdrawal SocialGood at “guaranteed value,” you are paid in USDT even if you enter the SG address found in your wallet.

I haven’t been given a guaranteed price.

Another big jump in SG coin price.
I hope this keeps up till mine are unlocked. not sure why SG goes up when other crypto goes down.