SocialGood and their $525 FREE crypto promotion campaign

I have a (to me) large sum of USDT on bitmart. Now I can’t log in. Used forgot password, got email code, now BM is requesting a Google 2FAbcode also. I’ve never hade one toy knowledge. Where would I find it?

Sorry guys I’m going to be a naysayer. I completed a sale but because of the app it made it a security concern to Ebay, so the sale was blocked. Unfortunately for me I lost a great deal on a miner and now I have to wait for a pending charge to release from my credit card before I try to grab another miner. No loss of money just a couple hours dealing with customer service to get to the bottom of the problem. I will not be dissuaded! I will get my first miner yet!

All of my purchases from end of August have been approved.
I am waiting for my withdrawal, status is pending right now.
SG coin mooned today too, opposite reaction i thought id see.

Anyone else with withdrawal updates?

just started my account, got 2 referrals, waiting for them to approve, and my purchases. Can wait!

My withdrawal is STILL pending. I think something might be wrong. I emailed support and they replied and said that sometimes if the ETH network is congested it takes a while. Its almost been 48 hours. Anyone have success withdrawing SG this month?

I looked at their twitter and it seems as though a lot of people have their withdrawal status stuck on pending.

Updated earnings after cashing out thousands from their app (not a shill, just honest SocialGood app review)

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Have you been able to withdraw your SG?

I also have approved SG but they are not letting people withdraw because they know that the price of the coin will crash if they let people have the coins.

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I bought somthing on dh gate for around 50$ and it never showed up on the app. I used the app the whole time to make the purchase and never saw pending purchase or anything its been a week now and still nothing.

@VoskCoin You made a whole new video without mentioning that the SG team is holding withdrawals on most of their tokens? seems disingenuous. I made money with the app, I think the project is about to die though, and people should only buy what they already want to buy. expecting a return of any kind is wishful thinking.
check their twitter, people can not withdraw coins right now.


Withdrawls pending a week or longer now.

I made my first eBay purchase today, how long does it take to show up in the app as pending. Right now it’s nowhere to be seen.

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I am able to log om with my phone but not on my computer. Has this happened to anyone else?

love the app signed up under vosk, what would make the app even better is if they added amazon to it.


I have had a good few like that now