Reached +$50,000 on SocialGood Since May Per Vosk's Recommendation

Hey, everyone!

My name’s Frankie. I came across Voskcoin’s first SocialGood video promoting the token back in April. I have since made +$50,000 in SG as my current all-time high, with my already approved, no longer-pending SG that made it outside the app’s own wallet not shown in that picture

Voskcoin kindly asked me to share my experience as his referred, and I’ve been sleeping on doing it for a few weeks now (sorry, Vosk!) so here’s the short-version of my experience, what I think about SG and my thought processes that lead to my success that any crypto or SG enthusiast may be able to take away from.

I apologize for any errors or typos ahead of time as I’ve been late to the party getting this out, here.

ALL THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS in this thread are my own, and it’s up to your own PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY on how to go about SG. This is just what I did!

Here’s also a good friend of mine who was introduced to SG earlier this summer and is now making videos (as well as others things!) on the topic of SG. He has his OWN thoughts and opinions on the project not necessary written by me here, but our strats are very similar. Give him a like! He’s got a great video presence!


I came across Vosk’s YouTube channel around the time at the start of SocialGood’s first huge crypto-back campaign for which he was promoting. I just got into crypto very late last year right before BTC surpassed $20K (a good time I might add.)

After I learned how to build my first dream gaming PC during the middle of 2020, building mining rigs starting in early 2021 was a natural progression.

After having already dipped both of my toes into the PC and crypto-world by this time, I made learning how to build a mining rigs a reality. A mining hobby can play an integral role in your SG gains, for which I’ll explain here in a moment, if you wish to replicate it as miner looking for better ROI and overall return investment on your GPUs through SocialGood itself.

Now, I originally thought Vosk’s video describing SG was the most broken crypto-deal I’ve ever heard. Almost too good to be true. It honestly, still is.

“Crypto-back up to $500? Seriously?” “‘Basically free GPU,’ he says?”

As someone who just started building rigs, this sounded like a dream.

I was trying to get more GPUs in the most cost effective way I could just like anyone else, and the gears in my business-oriented mind started turning and the voice in my intuitive gut started speaking. Could’ve been a scam for all I knew, but I felt it was the right way to go, as well as trusting Voskcoin’s energy on the matter.

How SG Works For You

  1. You DOWNLOAD the SocialGood app.

  2. You SIGN-IN to your eBay (or other stores) account. Create one if you don’t have one.

  3. You change your spending habits and buy EVERYTHING you normally would elsewhere (I mean it) through the SocialGood app and its associated stores such as eBay. Make sure to add to your card while IN the SG app as not to miss out on SG.

  4. Get a pending confirmation for your purchase within a couple days in-app (email doesn’t always pop-up.)

  5. Wait (2 months for eBay) until your purchase is approved as shown in app and thus withdrawable into select exchanges and/or MetaMask. You decide from there.

Above is SG in a nutshell.

To REALLY take advantage of their crypto-back campaign, I’ll provide some “advanced methods” which I used BELOW, one of which SG has even shared themselves from the experience of another holder. They’ve been a part of my success, too, because once you understand the basics, you really need to “live” SG and intagrate it into all of your spending habits everywhere you can. Even get your non-crypto interested family and friends on board and have them buy their eBay goods that they would normally get elsewhere through you! If they don’t need the crypto, it’s great for you!

Method #1: Buy Entire Rigs and GPU for 50% - 100% money BACK campaign (TBD as it’s not currently available.)

This is where it all started for me.

Search eBay for mining parts and get ALL of your spent money back on your rigs and GPU within two months. The current deal is 50% BACK up to $10,000 purchases, but if happened to catch it when Vosk was first talking about it at the limited-time 100% up to $500 campaign that extended throughout the entire summer, this means you can literally get every single mining rig piece that’s under $500 for FREE once your SG token becomes yours and retains its original market price, which the long-term holders have been rewarded handsomely for already.

Currently, it’s 50% up to $10,000 right now, which won’t cover your ENTIRE rig and the lower hash GPU anymore like it used to, which made the possibility of building ENTIRE 1660 Super and Ti rigs at roughly $500 a card a perfect possibility for me.

However, I will say the latter and current campaign makes for better deals on scooping up any remaining NON-LHR 30-series cards that are well-over $500 on the market right now, which is what the previous $500-back campaign wouldn’t have fully covered unless the vendor was asked to sell in $500 segments, let alone half.

In summary:

Earlier 100% back campaign = BEST for FREE 1660s/Ti mining rigs, as many as you could afford in initial capital. This deal might come around again and make you back full on your rigs.

Current 50% BACK up to $10,000 campaign = BEST for BIG BOY NON-LHR 30-SERIES cards for who knows how long they’ll be on the market. An average NON-LHR 3080 on eBay at the time of this post is roughly $2000 before tax, and you’ll get half of that back in SG in two months. Theortically, this makes it the same as buying it at close to $1000 retail, but with the benefit of making all that juicy SG if you can’t find the cards elsewhere. Getting that much SG at a low SG market price will give you INCREDIBLE gains while still having an incredibly sought out card to mine with and make even more crypto in general. Many of my 30-series cards just purchased from SG recently made up a huge part of my SG sum for this reason after the coin jumped from under a $1.00 to over $3.00 in a matter of a couple of weeks in September.

It’s also worth noting as a final tip to this method, that you can buy and sell your cards over and over again for more SG. You don’t need to sell them through eBay, either, but eBay will take an arm and a leg of your profits. Even entire PAID OFF by SG can be sold and made all over again, if you have the patience. Build for others and buying all their parts under SG for those uninteresed in the token (most are skeptics) would give you a great opportunity to collect, as well. Buy the cards/rigs.

Post them for sale. Mine on them in-between. = $$$





Buy a bundle of toilet paper with $20 cash while SG is at a 50 cent weeky average (purchases give SG over a 7-day average which determines how much SG you get from matching a product) and it goes to $3? You just 6x’d and made $120 over buying friggin’ butt tissue. Now imagine that with the GPUs I mentioned earlier, or even anything up to $10,000 NOW which will give you $5000 in SG back at the weekly market average. It’s insane.

Make SG habitual and make it your every day go-to. Buy on Amazon? Find the same exact product on eBay. It’s that simple. These seemingly CHEAP or cheaper goods add up over the course of a couple of months when it comes to SG, which makes this method my personal favorite, and one anyone can do. There really aren’t any excuses for this one. Truly the epitome of the little things making a big difference in your life when it adds all up!


**The next two methods aren’t so much my own and weren’t a part of my gains as much, but I will be applying them, immediately, as SG is expected by some of us to moon really soon, and these would help with SG.

Method #3: Buy and resell eBay gold (non-bullion)

This a method similar to another huge SG holder other than myself, and what they did to build their gains. This might not be their exact way, but this is how I’m trying to do it, now.

Buy qualified, quality gold from trusted eBay vendors and resell.

Buy your gold under SG, and with the current SG promo - you’ll get half of it back. The beauty of this, however, is that you can SELL the gold you’re already getting SG off of for CASH to somebody else of your choosing.

So, buy SG eBay gold.
Sell said gold.
Use the cash from selling gold… to buy more SG eBay gold.
Rinse and repeat.

You’ll probably lose a bit on what you paid for by a little each time, but the SG has proven to be worth it in the long run.

Remember, that each purchase of SG takes about 2 months, but do this repeatedly and form a relationship with your own personal gold BUYER, and you might be looking at pretty profits with a bit of short-term loss from buying and selling constantly. It’s all about waiting for that SG to come through!

Also, keep in mind that smaller individually paid amounts of gold under $500 were covered by SG 100% earlier in the summer, but not right now. So if the 100% eBay promotion comes back around, don’t hesitate to try this method.

SG does not allow bullion purchases, so don’t bother, but they’ve shared and promoted the “swapping” method of the other kind of gold themselves if you’re concerned.

Method #4: Gift Cards

Despite what SocialGood reps have said earlier to me in the summer, some gift cards grant you SG on purchase according to conversations I’ve had.

If you didn’t already realize why this is great, it’s because you don’t pay tax or shipping on gift cards straight through eBay’s official gift card sellers. That, and you can “trade” these gift cards with those who you know who will use them! They give you the cash, you give them the gift cards, and you get the SG in two months!

I recommend giving them a few dollar discount incentives on these gift cards so they have a reason to inconvenience themselves for coming to you for practically something that would’ve been only a favor to you. You can obviously buy these gift cards and use them for your own purpose, too.

Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy gift cards, are a few examples that have been said to work through eBay’s official sellers. Try buying one yourself through SG to check and see if your SG is confirmed pending within 48 hours. Should work, but make sure before buying a lot.

Personal Thoughts: Upsides? Downsides?

As a token and process, there’s next to no complaints I have about the SocialGood token and their insanely good crypto-back campaigns. The proof has certainly been in the pudding.

My advice to anyone out there is to think as creatively as you can to get your SG from eBay in different ways through yourself and those you know. Before you’ll know it, you’ll have a steady supply of crypto every month once you reach your first approval two months after starting. It took several summer months before SG rose back to profitable heights, after consistently going down every month all summer as SG user’s dumped as soon as their coin was taken.

While it’s easy to get, I implore anyone following and holding SG to NOT think too much into it: When prices rise and fall, etc… Predicting the market is very taboo I’ve noticed as a new crypto-guy myself, but it’s honestly my greatest skill, and I feel as if I knew exactly where SG was going and where it will be, probably very soon.

SG is incredibly chaotic, so I would just buy goods as you go and trust your gut.

There’s not much to lose with this coin. It’s practically free and you can get it buying the material items you love or need on a daily basis.

However, I have one personal problem with the SocialGood project (not the actually staff) which some of you may not agree on, but if I had known about it, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have trusted and started it at all.

The Statement of SG’s Mission Is Great, But I Don’t Support Their Donatees

SocialGood seems to pride itself on the fact that it matches a tiny portion of your given SG token from your merchant purchases, back to their few associated organizations that they DID NOT have previously listed on the site before when I started back in May.

I may have missed it entirely when their official website at barely had much of anything on it early summer, but they are now showing their transparency. The fact that they’re donating to INCREDIBLY wealthy and “prolific” organizations - it only all starts to make sense how they’re able to get this money out to people seemingly for free, unless SG’s association and ability to dish out these crypto-back rewards the way they do is merely a coincidence.

My problem is not with these organizations’ wealth, however. I believe their own impact on the world isn’t a philanthropic as they say they are - specifically with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose in-bed-with-government behavior here in New York has personally affected my family of healthcare workers over these past few weeks - let alone many others - who believe that government and corporate entities should stay out of the lives, decisions and well-being of others. Such an organization is nothing short of tyrannical, and should not be within the mission statement of a crypto project that claims to want to help the world and make it a better place. My suggestion to the SG Team would be to find other donatees, such as the millions of families and business owners who have lost everything over these past several months - worldwide. Whether you agree with me or not, the last thing these organizations need is anyone’s money, and in the time they’ve been around, I’ve yet to see them make the world a better place.

The Social "GOOD"

I commend the SG team for their community and insanely-giving system, which is certainly the upside and good charity in itself. They’ve given a lot back to their users, and we’re all very happy with how easy it is to earn. I just wish they’d work with better “players” that are more honest with their actions and intentions. If they did, I would’ve made an SG shirt yesterday. I’m just happy I’m not donating to their affiliates directly, or I wouldn’t be doing it at all.

I obviously do NOT represent Voskcoin’s opinions in this post, but I do know that he openly doesn’t support government corruption and I would assume that would extend to not only meddling with cryptocurrency, but corporate organizations that use their influence in politics, resulting in “real-world” repercussions.

If you’re looking to make something EASY, it’s NEVER too late to jump into this coin. The official SocialGood Telegram community is very helpful (Telegram: Contact @SocialGood_io) (don’t get into a fake one) and the Discord “SocialGood Unofficial” is as well.

One more thing.




When was the last time you had a withdrawal approved? That picture is misleading, it shows a price that SG was only at for a few days, and almost no volume moved at.
I have also made money with the app, but it seems more and more like a scam, i see all over twitter, they dont let withdrawals go through.
If you were able to swap your SG for ETH or BTC at the price in the picture shown, i would love to see that picture of approved withdrawal.
The trading volume is too low for this coin. The developers know that if they approve withdrawals, the coin will go close to 0. So they are holding users funds, saying the network is congested…

Last withdrawal approved and in wallet beginning of September. The first of every month before that. Tangible currency. Not a scam. Been having no issues all summer, up until this recent week where we’re seeing delayed withdrawals due to the pools being tapped and needing to be refilled.

Picture is not misleading. A good chunk before that was already withdrawn and you’re seeing the peak of my already pending.

If there’s anything I’ve learned with this token so far, the skeptics lose out. Big-time.

Showing people the peak of your pending is misleading.
All i have been warning people is that the SG team seems to be hiding something. Withdrawals always work. until the coins are at a higher, half decent price, then they lock you out and keep your withdrawals on “pending”.
If you can show proof that youve been able to withdraw this month of october, i would still love to see it. I think they know that letting people have the coins means that the coin goes to zero.