How to buy the Bobcat Helium Miner! (with screenshots)

@Rezinion Thanks for this walkthrough it really helped!

Do you know how to set up the tracking app for shipping? I know It’s DHL but there are like 15 DHL options and I only have an order number from Bobcat?

Hi there!

I’m currently trying to purchase by using When you get to the withdrawal step what did you enter for the Wallet Name? I scanned the USDC Wallet Address from Muggle, but don’t know what to put in the Wallet Name.


Watch out extremely important. I think there is a fake site with the url
I have noticed that it is missing all the writing at the bottom. And when clicked on “The Peoples Network” it brings you to the shopify home page.
As mentioned better search the link in Vosks description to not get scammed.
The link i know of, that is legit and good to use is

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This is the link I used but up till now I haven’t got a confirmation Email is there a way to track my order? If it’s successful?

What’s the current waiting time for delivery?

Currently, 8-12 weeks. But after 12pm PDT on 5/1, it will be 12-20 weeks.

Hey Cam, you can name it to whatever, it’s just a naming references for you to know.

Dude! That was AWESOME! Your tutorial made the buying process simple. Converted some ETH to USDC on Coinbase and voila! Got a confirm and Order #

Thank you so much for this break down. I made my order successfully and got my confirmation of my order.

is there a step on crypto . com app that lets you add the fees? or even tells you what they are? I don’t want to send $508.25 to a wallet and it not be the right amount because of fees

dear all,
I am having prepared USDC to pay for order in my coinomi wallet but I cannot find out how much is the fee. If I send exact amount (585.09USDC which is right now for order) it will not include fees and Icannot see anywhere how much I have to add extra. Someone can advice?

if you can use binance website its easier

Bobcat lead time is “12-20 weeks” for those that order after 5-1-21. OUCH! that will teach me to stall by doing research. :wink:

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Order placed on 4/27 EST for 5 machines, estimated time to ship is 8-12 weeks. Will update when they update me directly.

Hello guys, when I was ordering my Bobcat mines, I ordered the Europe version, but I live in the US. What can I do to change my order? I already emailed them but they haven’t gotten back to me yet.

I hope to GOD you didnt use MUGGLE PAY. Its a friggin Nightmare! RUN!!!

[sorry, just saw this]
@ChadDugan Unfortunately, I’m not associated with and agree their user interface (UI) has much to be desired and making it more friendly and transparent by showing the fees. Generally speaking with my experience so far, I think the website versions of exchanges provide a little more info and you may want to try the website instead of the mobile app.

I didn’t want to send too much crypto myself and ended up short-sending the amount and had to send a 2nd transaction to cover the fees. You’ll have to check the fee at that time of the transaction as it varies per exchange and can be pretty dynamic.

If you join their Discord, they have a pinned message by “Bobcat_Cheryl” sharing a link to a Google Form regarding “Pending Order Issues”
This is their link [I swear to God]:
I realize if feels a little unprofessional and sketchy. I have used the form myself and it helped and they confirmed my order via email. Or just join their Discord to grab the same link. I’d share a screenshot of the pinned message, but not sure if that is appropriate.

I found it ok to order one following instructions from here, I now have a Nebra and a bobcat on the way sometime this year. Plan is to have one in ours and the other at the folks house then I might try get my brother in law on board. After seeing them on eBay though mad my eyes water what people are paying when they can just order online

How come? I did it and I had 0 issues even though it was a bit intimidating :slight_smile: