How to buy the Bobcat Helium Miner! (with screenshots)

Here’s a guide on how I purchased my bobcat miner today through some screenshots:

This is the Miner I purchased:

First select the model that corresponds with your region and select the quantity you want!
(If your unsure of this look online for what model you need)

Fill out all the necessary information! Be sure to double check it’s entered in correctly! Don’t want your neighbor getting your helium miner.

Select the shipping method. Dropshipping is the only option atm I used this option.

Now, your gonna need USDC or USDT crypto currencies to make this exchange. (This coin always matches the $USD’s value) Use the crypto exchange of your choice so you can purchase this coin to then be transferred and used as your payment to Bobcat. I will be using Newton’s exchange as I live in Canada and this seems to be one of the cheapest methods here with the lowest spread from converting from FIAT to Crypto. At the time of writing this you will need this amount in USDC to purchase the Bobcat miner:
Keep in mind there are sometimes fee’s associated with sending USDC/USDT out to another wallet.
In my case I needed 541.1 USDC after the fees for them to receive the correct amount.

here is USDC and USDT on the Newton Crypto exchange app:

Buy around $550 in USDT/USDC to purchase 1 bobcat miner. Make sure this is after the exchange fee’s are covered. so you have $550 USDT/USDC in your account.

Select your method of payment in the crypto you wish to send. (USDC has slightly smaller transaction fees than USDT if your using Newton’s exchange in Canada)

After proceeding you will be greeted with this:

The bottom is the wallet Address you need to send the USDC (or USDT) to and the amount to send is just above it. You can also use the QR code if your mobile app supports it.

NOTE: If you are gonna use the wallet ID text please COPY AND PASTE IT. If you type the wrong wallet address say bye bye to your crypto. You will likely not be able to get it back if you make this mistake so be careful.

Now go onto your exchange. In my case again I used Newton. You can also use services like Binance to do this.

After I select confirm at the bottom Newton shows me how much they will receive after all the fees are covered. Make sure this matches the:
Shown on their requested payment. Then send off the Crypto and go back to the Bobcat store page where you left off!

After the USDT/USDC has been sent then just click:

As shown here ^

If done correctly you will be greeted with the following page! This can take up to an hour, but in my case it was around 5 minutes to process the wallet transfer.

You can optionally download the app after to track your package and receive updates on your purchase!

I hope this helps some of the people struggling.

This I my first time posting here, I am looking forward to engaging more with this community! Good happy mining!



Thanks for the helpful walk through. Wish I would have found it an hour ago, but I did manage to get through everything OK.

This is also my first post, and TBH, I was kinda freakin out a little. Here’s my story for anyone that wants to read it:

Jumped through all the hoops of turning some of the ETH mining $ into USDC, finally got the Bobcat store to load (high traffic problems), “bought” 7 units, sent payment. I noticed that the payment wallet address in your screen shot was different than the one they wanted me to pay to, so I got uneasy after that. I sent the USDC funds out of Coinbase as I figured that would be the easiest way for me as I could just scan the payment QR code with my phone… Then the waiting began… The payment was pending for what felt like forever. Started freakin out, received an email from mugglepay about the invoice, said if I had paid to send the TX hash via email, OK right? Well there was no TX hash in the payment area of Coinbase. Only said pending. Freaking out more… Start to write a message to CB support, as USDC $ is gone, no TX hash, etc, this would be my second issue with CB this week (took over 2 days to transfer ETH from CB Wallet to CB, and no way to cancel or modify the transaction, I was sure that was going to be gone forever)… Just as I was about to send the message to CB support, the payment finally went through, and there was a TX has that I checked on block explorer to see that it was indeed complete. Took just over 1.5 hours for the payment to complete.

Urge to kill falling. Hope the units show up.

So that’s my experience.


Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together! Featured it in our Helium hotspot buying guide!


If you want to pay with USDT you also have to choose between TRC20 or ERC20

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so to clarify i just send ERC20 correct?

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I noticed they charge canadian taxes on the unit.
When it came into the country did you have to pay the GST Tax?

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Just went to the site just says “not available” emailed them trying to see if they will let us order soon or if it’s done for the time being.

Hello! does anyone know how to buy these in Europe?
I buy on their website but afraid of customs fees and shipping taxes.

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For USA citizens, I used and worked well. Took about 20 min to confirm the withdraw to Bobcat.

I tried using Binance.US. They hold it for 10 days before I can withdraw (send to Bobcat). So now I have money sitting that I can’t use for 10 days and I’m not waiting 10 days.

Tried using Coinbase. They hold it for about 72 hours.

Now my US Cash bank account has been withdrawn twice, indirectly costing me double until I wait 10 days with Binance US and convert it to something useful.

Then I finally tried and it worked. Crypto’s interface can improve by being more clear about the fees showing what will be sent/received after the fees. It was confusing as a first-time user and the fees need to be added manually which was 20 USDC. Other exchanges show you what will be received so you understand clearly if you need to include the fee or not. This is clearly different than the US Banking system where fees are extracted separately and don’t affect the amount being sent, it just withdraws the fee as a separate line item. So far exchanges don’t replicate that expected USA customer experience.
But once, you understand that you have to add on the extra fees and no big deal. It just doesn’t feel comfortable to send more than what is requested for the true transaction, like it’s too easy to send too much.


Hey guys, I came across this link from an article: which looks legit although I’m still skeptic since I’ve been scammed in the past. The product is not available if I use this link? Thanks

Hi…I tried to buy the bobcat helium miner…but on the page…it says “product couldn’t be found”…seems I can’t buy the item on bobcat site…please kindly recommend another site to buy a helium miner…

Had success thru Coinbase using USDT.

Couldn’t have done it without your help.


I used the SwissBorg app to pay in USDC . Was very simpel. But 15$ fee is much. Just scaned the qr on muggelpay. Payed and after just 5min i was automatically redirectet and my order was complet and was also shown in the AfterShip app

You can choose, you can send USDT through an ethereum based ERC20 token or through a tron ​​based TRC20 token. The ethereum network has higher transaction costs.
But pay attention!
Only send ERC20 tokens to an ERC20 address.
And only TRC20 to a TRC20 address.

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I can’t even access the Bobcat webpage. This is frustrating. Thanks for the information.

I can’t even access the wbepage. this is the correct shop link to buy the Bobcat miner 300 with our referral code still attached

Can you direct me to the instructions for Muggle pay.

Thanks in advance

is BHM work in Asia.?

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Similar question. my region frequency plan is AS923 (AS2). In Nibra, model 915MHz includes (AS923-2). Is it same for bobcat miner 300 (US915) that able to set up for AS923?