How to buy the Bobcat Helium Miner! (with screenshots)

Super helpful April, thanks!!!

Only issue I had was paying with my Coinbase coinwallet; I had to pay $63 in Ether to process transaction. Crypto will NEVER replace fiat with these ridiculous fees to use the networks; the common folk won’t tolerate it.

Psst… I’m using coinbase too… How long did it take for them to reply with your “paid in full” email…??? I sent mine and it’s been a good 5 hours.

Ugghh… Yep… Im a coinbase user… and I THINK I bought this Bobcat… and I saw that message after the transaction supposedly went through. :frowning:

On the purchase screen in Mugglepay, I was trying to copy the USDT wallet address into coinbase to transfer. Not only was the recipient’s address not recognized by Coinbase, but the QR code wasn’t recognized as anything either. Does anybody know what to do here?

Same issue tonight. The send to address and QR are not recognized as legit addresses by Coinbase

Just paid for my miner using Binance. It was pretty smooth. I used Tether ERC-20 and it took 5 minutes to receive the “status paid email” after I sent it.

Hi everyone,
Just a shout out to Vos and the video guy that created it. I used app to muggle pay using USDC to order mine.

First I had to make sure the bobcat miners wallet was on my whitelist. That included an email confirmation from crypto.

Then I was able to withdraw the funds.

B eing new to investing in cryptocurrency I added the one dollar as the video explained to pay for his, but I soon realized that amount that was about to be sent, was not the correct amount.

The process was interesting in calculating the transfer fees which cost me about 25.11USDC to get the exact amount. Once I got the exact amount after a few attempts it went through smoothly.

I received an email from my wallet and five minutes later one from the bobcat minor company confirming my purchase

Hope this helps some of you out there.

Thanks for the walkthrough. This was helpful.

Buyer beware

Possible Scam website; looks very well done and legit.
Informational: It’s a Wordpress website

Looks like a shadow website. USA Hodlers know all about KYC (Know Your Customer; it’s a PITA). Well, we should all also know our retailer/seller/reseller.

  • No contact info (phone, address, email)
  • No name (accountability)
  • URL Domain just created 5/24/2021 and listed as Private

all are red flags

Reply with your experiences at your risk, in case it is a new legit biz.

Am I able to use app or the coinbase to purchase or I have to use my mugglepay wallet instead

I still haven’t received my order yet, so I can’t answer your question on whether or not any additional import/duty/tax fees will be tacked on upon delivery time.


How long has ot been? I beleive u are one of the first to comment in the thread… i am new here. And still figuring out whther to place a pre order or not, as deliveries are evidently delayed… cd it be possible if i cd offer to buy 2 devices off from u, when they arrive?

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Can I use the trust wallet app to buy Bobcat

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It seems now that bobcat only accepts USDC which I can’t even get on anymore. Also the wallet to send the money to said “not found” when I tried to withdraw from my account. Please help me figure this out!

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I’m a bit new to the crypto world, but learning more and more each day. Placed my order last week and was able to pay using Coinbase Wallet. Estimated arrival according to my confirmation email is 12-20 weeks.

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i just finished buying one the EU one, well now the waiting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: 12 to 20 weeks :scream: cant wait to receive it :grinning:

This was a great help. Thank you!