How To Earn Passive Income with your CPU and GPU | NiceHash 3.0 Guide

Turn your computer, gaming rig, workstation PC, or whatever into a passive income earning machine! Use your CPU and GPU to passively mine Bitcoin that is easily sold into dollars. Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Multiple streams of income are one of the keys to success and adding passive income through the use of computers functioning as mining rigs is becoming more and more popular. I have been using my computers and gaming rigs to mine cryptocurrency since I discovered this was possible in 2017. Platforms like NiceHash make it really easy to turn your gaming computer into a passive income earning mining rig in just a few clicks. You can earn passive income mining cryptocurrency that is converted to Bitcoin with your CPU, and your GPU, and also custom mining computers called ASIC miners. In this video review and tutorial, you’ll learn how you can easily earn money from home online by just downloading and running NiceHash 3.0 a cryptocurrency hashpower marketplace where you will basically be selling or renting out the power of your computer whenever you want to!

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