How to earn UNI tokens


Uniswap is both a decentralized exchange for ERC20 (Ethereum) tokens and it is a token itself. This post is about the Token.

Did you miss out on the $UNI token airdrop and have some crypto sitting in a wallet doing nothing? You can earn $UNI by staking your crypto on the Uniswap Exchange.

*Take a look at my quick introduction to the Uniswap Exchange if you need a little more information about what it is.
*You’ll need a web3 wallet such as metamask.

As of right now there is around 43 days left to earn UNI tokens by adding your crypto to a liquidity pool and then staking the LP tokens on Uniswap. You will earn commission on trading fee’s and UNI tokens.

Uniswap will pay an incentive in the $UNI token if you provide liquidity to one of these four pools:

That is Ethereum and either one of the stablecoins DAI, USDC or USDT, or Ethereum and wBTC (wrapped Bitcoin or Bitcoin on Ethereum). If you want to be holding crypto because you believe ETH and BTC will keep going up then the ETH/BTC pair makes the most sense.

You’ll require exactly equal amounts in USD value of each of the tokens to enter the pool. If you already have that, you can proceed with making a deposit through A simpler way is to use the website. Zapper enables you to enter and exit a pool with one token, handling all swaps for you.

On Zapper’s invest page, you can search for ‘uniswap’ and find the pairs that have a tractor icon indicating a yield farming opportunity.

In this example I have chosen the WBTC / ETH pair on the Uniswap V2 exchange. Simply click the ‘Add Liquidity’ button to add funds to the pool and you will be presented with the following box.

Here you only need to enter an amount in ETH from your connected web3 wallet and will exchange it for equal parts WBTC / ETH and make the deposit to the pool. Gas fee’s will reflect these multiple transactions and can be quite high.

I have set the speed to Instant which makes the gas fee’s even higher but transactions faster and increased my Slippage Tolerance to 3% to reduce the chance of a failed transaction due to volatility in price.

Once hitting confirm and approving the transaction you will be entered into the pool. The half of the ETH will have been converted to wBTC and deposited with the ETH to the pool. You will receive LP Tokens in return, they show up in your wallet as UNI-V2 but there are websites such as and that will show you more information on these LP Tokens.

At this point you can visit the liquidity pool on Uniswap and see your deposits. They will also be reflected on the investments page of under 'Current Investments.

You’re not earning $UNI yet, only fees for providing liquidity. In order to start earning the $UNI tokens you need to ‘stake’ your liquidity tokens. You’ll notice a ‘Stake’ button on the investments page. Click that button and approve the transaction to start staking your LP token and earning $UNI.

You can unstake and withdraw from the pool at any time. You will stop earning $UNI when you unstake and stop earning fee’s when you withdraw from the pool.

Congratulations! You are yield farming $UNI tokens. :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: :unicorn:


Do you have to stake by clicking stake every once in a while or can you set it to be automatic? i.e. the LP you earn gets staked automatically?
Does this look correct?

I am trying to invest some money using zapper but i am waiting and waiting. Is this normal ?

how much Gas did you pay? I went with Fast, so it was pretty expensive :frowning:

i choose fast as well

Go track your transaction and see whats going on and how many confirmations have happened?
I have my current screenshot above. I think its staking what i might get already. will wait for OP to confirm

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It is not showing up in my transactions so i think i have to redo the thing. Is there a minimum amount i have to use ?

You click stake and it remains staked until you unstake. that looks correct other than the top entry will disappear shortly.

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This is normal, you need to pay a high gas fee to get it to go through quicker.

I went with fast, it was expensive. Gas prices change constantly, it is a market competing for block space. See here

This is correct, you can also go see on uniswap in the WBTC/ETH pool and on

You pay more gas to claim rewards so best to let them build up and not cash out too often.


You can check the activity tab in metamask to see what happened, if its still trying or failed. you can also try to speed up by paying more gas there.

DeBank is really cool, its like a block explorer made for all this DeFi yield farming liquidity providing craziness


Have you looked into the Supercharger program from

-Introducing Supercharger

The Supercharger is a secure liquidity mining platform that allows users to deposit CRO (at flexible time for flexible durations) and mine the hottest DeFi tokens on

Total Supply & Event Length


$500,000 USD worth of UNI token

Charging Period

First 30 days

Deposit and withdraw from the Supercharger pool any time during this period, we calculate your average share % every day.

Reward Period
Second 30 days

Receive reward token every day during the reward distribution period based on the liquidity provided in the deposit period.

I tried everything, cancelling , paying more gas unfortunally not the result i was hoping for.

Fixed. I clear the log and after this it works.

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So what happens after the earn UNI period ends :open_mouth:

Unstake and just earn from the LP

had fingers crossed for UNI period #2 lol

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Maybe when Uniswap v3 launches.