How to verify ASIC sellers

Hey Voskcoin

I started my own business sourcing and selling ASICs, how does one verify that it’s legit to the community. I don’t want to be flagged as a scammer just because I’m a new vendor. I realize there are a lot of scammers out there and I’m trying to be part of the solution.
My website is I’m right here in Montana and I run this business out my home.

Aaron Raycove

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Do you sell any B7’s?

Is anyone still mining on Tensority for Bytom with a B7? If so what is your daily production please. Websites like Asicminer and cryptominer are showing $30 per day but I am finding information directly from supplier showing $2 per day?

I’ve never heard of the B7 yet, but I do have contact with multiple suppliers overseas. Who makes the B7? I can do my best to source one for you.

Hey Aaron welcome!

So from what I’ve come to know, providing information like a physical address and phone number is a good start. Also, accepting payment options such as bank transfers and credit cards will also add to costumers trust level. I think providing a genuine online presence, along with providing a phone number to speak with potential customers is really critical.

Thanks for the response.

I do have my phone number listed and actively encourage people call, also address is on the site. I’ve integrated Bank transfers and credit card payments, Paypal, currently working on getting coinbase commerce. Don’t want to offer to accept cryptocurrency without a secure platform to do it on. However I’ve noticed a lot of people will flag a site as a scam just because they’ve never heard of it before, which is a big hurdle to overcome.

Exactly if you can provide safety for the buyers it will go alot easier to start up such as credit card payments. Alot of people are scared because of so many people getting scammed by sending crypto. You give them security and they vouch for a few sales you’ll do just fine


The only problem with credit cards are really large purchases, such as the KD5 right now, I’m offering for 18k, I believe BT-miners is offering for 20k. Most people don’t have that kind of credit limit as far as im aware. I might be wrong about that though.

No youre right most wont have that kind of limit but in my opinion maybe you sell a few smaller rigs such has mini doge or kd boxes or whatever. You get a few verified purchases. Then people won’t be scared buy.

Maybe I’ll be your first customer here… what deal can you give me on a KD-Box haha

email me, or shoot me a text. The number is 888-897-8732. You can get a hold of us on facebook or instagram too.

Unfortunately prices are high for those. $2,300.

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Great questions…IMO Credit card, physical address and phone number are all great starts however. For me unless the Godfather himself @VoskCoin gives the green light on a reseller I’m unlikely to make the jump. - If I were in your shoes I would reach out to @VoskCoin and see what I had to do to get his “verified badge”. - I’d also pop up a YouTube channel and give folks 2 day shipping for honest personal reviews or something.


Are all of your machines brand new? And do you test them when you get them from your supplier? You have a very diverse selections of machines so I’m just curious how you manage the reliability of the machines. Love the website btw!

Looks overpriced compared to the other legit website sellers lol

Thanks for the feedback. Not everything is new, but as I’ve learned a new machine is no better than a used when it comes to profitability. I can understand the appeal of new though.
As far as testing goes, my supplier tests them, and I test them again and inspect for damage.

Thats by design. Prices fluctuate a lot day to day, and low prices are a big red flag right now. Also, higher prices are better than no availability at all. You’d have to contact me to get a lower price.

$30k for L7 like c’mon bro… They going for $17k-$24k And it’s not even the 9500 you selling its 9160 :joy:

I can get 2 L7’s from Alibaba for $32,000 :unamused:

Where did you see it for 17k? Curious

Any numbers on verified daily income for the Bitmain B-7 we talked about before? I need to see it live on Antminer to believe it. shows 27-31 per day depending on when you look but I was seeing producers in China listing it as a 3-5 per day producer.