I05 my experience with them

I believe they stopped allowing credit cards for helium license due to people abusing the system.

There is an active group trying to take I05 down for whatever reason…. They are encouraging people to buy with credit card, earn rewards in BTC and than doing a chargeback, which causes I05 to pay additional fees and lose money due to this kind of abuse… I05 cannot recover BTC rewards paid out, plus they pay fees for the credit card charge back, than they also don’t have their network built up due to this kind of abuse…

This kind of activity is abuse and wrong, so I05 had to disable CC as an option for helium license…

Not sure why this group is so active… but it just is…

I will resume, this project have a lot of signs, you decide. Just have eyes wide opened!
Its easy to move money from orders to some rewards, then say that its made manually and problems occur. Lol, more problems will occur for sure, antoher missed earnings, shipping “delays”, big fees for BTC so its better in another “crypto” … i see a lot of things that i dont like but still remember from lifi.

You can watch this:
YouTube](Further Explanations | I05 - YouTube

Or you can do like other members i see in their channel :

  • asking why lower rewards for some, or at all for others (missing payments and so on)
  • or like this dude, and i quote:

Just buy as many license as you can. As many transit node or downconverter. Get them online. Register and rilex…

No need check challanger as helium HNT etc…

Btc reward baby!

Im not getting any single reward yet. But keep online and buy

Support the project

We are at the stage building infra… decentralize. Participate! Patient is a key

If you early investor of helium, . Is just the same route. 2024 planed for io5 token. Long journey baby., and strong doubt are always surroundings. Get onboard, and wait… IO5 will surpass bitcoin

Beaconing and breath baby!

Time will tell…

I’ll update my dealings with I05 as needed here…

My beef with SKOLM is he created FOMO where there should have been no FOMO. But due diligence and only investing what your’re willing to lose.

Now he is creating FUD where there should only be caution and patience…

Let’s try to understand him.He is young and jumpy :smiley: :smiley:

My dealing is if the project is true and so large that will cover helium holders, they can at least get their faces in public, like SMOKLM did. Lets forget other things…
“Follow the money”
Theirs comes from your investments aka orders ? If its legit, and im wrong, will they make public names and contracts like other do ?
See WeatherXM, see Geodenet, Cirrsu, MXC, see others …
Thats all !

Rise and shine, more ppl warning about it

I05 - IoT & Crypto Mining - My Review & Findings. Helium Competitor? - YouTube

Time will tell… DYOR… Only invest what your able to lose… Dont FOMO into it, and the same time dont believe all the FUD either… Be careful though…

On a positive note, COTX will be selling I05 devices starting September 27th and will also have their own version of a I05 compatible Transit Node…

(Check out https://www.cotxnetworks.com/ and scroll down to Global Partners section!)

It is interesting how things are playing out… I’m 66% ROI’ed in the project… and again I have no other news at this point. But will update as things happen…

Also some interesting news…

IO5 Networks - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

We will see COTX statement about it. I wish that more people earn more, misery will be eradicated! But we know how the world spins! Until missing rewards will be an empty chat, i will keep my doubts! When you see that 300 people raised tk for missing money … yet, not answered why, only to wait …you have to have doubts about it!

Like I said, time will tell… Its too soon to say one way or the other… But like I said, just reporting things I know thus far. Why believe all the FUD? As much as I hate FOMO, I also hate complete FUD too…

Time will tell…

Here is an official announcement from COTX via their discord,

Like Asimov’s “fall of an empire”, the start is now … end ? soon …
They already lower rewards, they will deliver some products for the reason more orders will come …
Again much more ppl asking about not receiving anything …
Again, they start to ban people with FUD , aka ppl whos posting in missing rewards !
I have my doubts still, sorry mate, in a very short time you’ll see also.
I have nothing about or with people earning, i love early projects, i just hate scamers, and IO5 its one of those.
COTX will anounce soon that something is wrong with IO5 …

Why I think I05 is a scam, and you should too - YouTube

I05 has not missed a variable reward yet,

One healthy helium license in 3 weeks will have made $7.00 for a $50 investment. That is 14% ROI in just three weeks. That’s 20 week ROI…

Time will tell… be careful… don’t FOMO in… invest only what you can lose… and don’t FUD out…

Time will tell…

not missing you tell …!

Only helium licenses are getting variable rewards currently as no devices are online… still in shipping progress…

So a lot of those missing reward complaints are those not knowing what they should be getting.

There are things that are for sure taking longer than expected… like shipping… and there is a lot of things they can improve…

But time will tell… I don’t just jump all in to the FUD train like you, and it is obviously what your agenda is…

Time will tell… that’s it. I’m optimistic… I only have money in that I can lose… so I’m not pressured one way or the other…

I05 explanation of low variable rewards this week…

Lol, you eat those words that taste as … and you think at candys … He moves money from orders to earnings! If he wants a network grow, then investments must be made, but not from members orders! So its a pyramid scheme! Look at solid projects, see from where earnings comes and in what percentage! And again, i see a lot of missing rewards! So they are very short on money, not all participants earn! Most of them are those most active in chat…Why? Its a family earning institution :)))

You are blind, man, and i am feeling sorry for that!
But if you will continue to “proove” in here that i05 its legit, i will continue to add real facts, not for FUD them, only for honesty, so others can judge and take good decisions!

It seems like this will go in the way i predict:

Funding besides hardware purchases,


You know that hq address was verified and there is no i05 ?
And if investors invested such a large amount, why not a small part to deploy the network? Why user money from orders? Why moved from orders?
What did they announced?

From September 2022 through to March 2023 we will be rewarding at the fixed daily
rate of:
Sink Node- $13
Transit Node- $11
Helium Hotspot- $12
Downconverter- $8

Now its 0.2 usd per week, not to mention that a lot “missed” earning … do the math …
Words my friends, i believe in fairytales still, but the i05 its not a good one at all!

Updated 09/24/2022 with most current news on I05,

I want to start that they are very new, and PLEASE do your own Research! And PLEASE, only invest what you can afford to lose! And PLEASE don’t FOMO in, and DON’T FUD out!

IO5 (i05.co)

They are taking a different approach to providing coverage for the IOT industry.
Read here for how rewards are given,

Litepaper.pdf (squarespace.com)

Their Discord is full of information. Read and search for this information first. Their discord is also very active and has a lot of dedicated members that can further answer your questions or point you in the correct direction.

Updated news,

  • They have removed CC payments via Strip. According to I05, there appears to be an organized group that purchases, gets rewards paid out in BTC, and then they do a charge back on their card. This has caused to much trouble / loss of money for I05 to continue to allow CC payment via Strip.

  • I05 finished their Series A funding, IO5 Networks - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

  • COTX will be an official partner with I05. Further, I05’s Downconverter is currently going through the COTX People’s Open Lab so there will be full transparency surrounding its operation on LoRa frequencies and the Helium network in general!

  • Further I05 has updated their website and the key changes are:
  1. Customer service section to submit tickets. And is backed by Zendesk to provide overall better customer service.

  2. Updates to the IO5 Webstore, including: -Accurate shipping lead times per device. -New devices to be added.

  3. A limit of 3 devices per type, per customer, to ensure even network roll out and prevent scalping.

My experience thus far, 09/24/22

I’ve invested in some hardware and a helium license with I05. As of 09/24/2022,

  • I’m 98% ROI’ed in my investment.

  • I’m still awaiting shipment of my devices. NOTE* shipping has begun, and other users have received devices…see discord… hopefully my stuff ships soon… I’ll update when it does.

  • I05 has paid all my variable rewards to date. (Currently variable rewards are paid weekly every Wednesday)

  • I05 has resume my fixed rewards via a weekly schedule. I’ve just gotten the previous last 7 days paid 09/15 thru 09/22. (Currently Fixed rewards are paid weekly every Thursday)

  • I’m still awaiting backdated fixed rewards from 09/01 to 09/14. I05 has always made things right, and I believe they will get these paid in time. I’ll update here.