I'm earning over $10 a day with a CHEAP & QUIET Crypto Mining Rig?!

I’m earning over $10 a day with a CHEAP & QUIET crypto mining rig, seriously the best form of passive income in the world is mining cryptocurrencies. Let’s review the iPollo mini Grin miner!
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Learn more about buying a crypto miner - iPollo is building the BEST grincoin GRIN miners -- Where to buy iPollo miners?
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The most exciting thing about GRIN has been mining Grincoins since GRIN launched a few years ago, sure there’s the mimblewimble technology and the anonymous factor that a lot of people supported Grincoin for but miners clearly have been continuing to dump GRIN instead of HODL and buy more GRIN due to the lackluster price movement over the last year as no one has been creating high price predictions for GRIN! However, even though Innosilicon bailed on releasing a public G32 GRIN ASIC miner iPollo has seized the opportunity to bring GRIN ASIC miners to market, they have apparently created a full-size iPollo G1 miner that mines over $200 a day as well as this iPollo G1 mini that mines an impressive $10 a day worth of Grincoin while hardly consuming any electricity! Let’s review the iPollo G1 mini one of the best ASIC miners ever!

iPollo miner potential group buy - iPollo is building the BEST grincoin GRIN miners -- Where to buy iPollo miners?
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Official iPollo miner website - http://ipollo.com/

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00:00 This quiet little miner makes $10 per day?!
01:41 Mining Grin coin in 2021
02:47 iPollo Global have released Grin ASIC miners!
03:46 How can I buy one of these miners? Potential group-buy
04:29 How much does this Grin miner make per day?
05:23 SpectroCoin allows you to receive payments in BTC!
07:02 iPollo G1 miner dashboard & how to set it up
09:38 Where can you sell Grin coin? Use HotBit
10:29 Cook.finance are creating a decentralized asset management platform
11:01 How much do the iPollo miners cost?
12:57 Don’t get scammed trying to buy ASIC miners! It’s not a GPU miner!
14:44 Does VoskCoin recommend buying the iPollo G1 mini? Should you buy it?
15:55 iPollo G1 Mini VoskCoin review

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I want to buy 2 G1 Mini if we are placing a group order.

I want a g1 mini.

I would like to participate in group buy

So that might be if you exchange from Japanese Yen to USD. Chinese Yuan should get you the correct price? :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the group buy, I’ll buy 3.

Not that people will read this, but this is not the group buy thread.

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I’ll buy 4

lol :man_facepalming:

Yup, people don’t read :smiley: I see this same thing on a bunch of Discord channels, someone posts an address for something, then you get a crowd of people throwing up their wallet addresses assuming they’re trying to win something, lol.

I want to try mini

I’d love to go in on a group buy if that’s in the works. However, it appears the website isn’t working right at the moment. At first images wouldn’t load. Now they load but links don’t all work. I can’t add anything to cart either. So I’m not sure if they just disabled them or if its a bug. Hopefully we can get some soon!

I would like to get one how much?

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If you can make it happen I will take 2

Yes to the G1 mini, maybe two

I am very interested in joining the group buy. Would like to get several systems if available.

ill buy 1