I'm new in crypto planing building rx580 rig

Hello everyone. Nice to join vosk coin forum :wink: So I’m new in his crypto. I have 2x s9k asic mining nicehash on moment per month I get around 40% more on top of my normally job salary. I wanna make 6x rx580 to mining eth on minergate. Any recommendations for power supply? Any tips to get maximum hash ratio for etch gpu. Btw already shopping asus b250 expert,120gb ssd and Intel Pentium processor, looking ram any recommendations? 4-8-16gb how much need?


I would wait to do anything new on Ethereum supposedly they are going to proof of stake no longer proof of work.

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I am running 4 gb of RAM on most of my rigs, up to 10 GPUs per rig without issue. Regarding PSU’s, I have had very good results from EVGA. I do go for the Platinum or Titanium due to efficiency and quality and the only time I’ve ever had to use EVGA’s excellent customer service was for a low end 650watt bronze that failed in a PC. As previous poster mentioned, Eth will be switching to new algo so keep an eye on that.


I am using 16gb (2x8gb) on the b250 and it is more than enough. The default speed of the motherboard is 1600Mhz…the b250 lets you use XMP to boost to 2400 I believe so you don’t need expensive memory.
I also use EVGA power Supplies. I sourced my power supplies on eBay for around $70 and you would need the SuperNova 1300 Gold or SuperNova 1200 Platinum. Prices have been rising fast so be careful with the input voltage and that cables are included. The pentium processor is cheaper than the Celeron and works just fine. I prefer the M.2 Nvme boot drive but had to go SSD on my board.
Now, RX580’s … I started with those and sold them. They draw too much power and have a low hashrate. I darn near burnt the house down when I melted the receptacle powering 2 6 card rigs. I switched to NVidia cards, low power 1660TI’s and solved the power problem. They also have a good hashrate and are profitable (for now) mining ETH on 2Miners. I may try SOLO since my 6 card rig is good at winning blocks. I run them with Power and Mem Clock all the way down using Afterburner to save on electricity and I still make a profit. Good Luck


I wilk run rx580 8gb as is very cheap board, and is profitable, power i have free :wink:

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Wot you mean no proof of work?

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hi nice to know your concern, same concern

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Ok that POS idea is out there for 2 years now. I honestly doubt it will happen anytime soon so don’t worry.
And another algo idea is been for almost a year so yeah nothing there too, since Vitalik doesent agrees with it.
Get the cheapest motherboard with the desired number of slots, get some decent psu, cheapest ram 4gb, cheapest cpu, no ssd (get usb and mine with smos).
Get used parts there are tons of them everywhere.
Get 8gb cards because of the DAG epoch.

in my opinion asic is bad idea as is make money companys who made asic not people

in my country s9 cost 1500 used and make profit after pay electric cost 199.26 i talk with couple person with one run 6x rx580 and get profit after pay electric cost on eth 278.50 mining rig new cost around 6000 used 2000-3000

Bruh Minergate still exists?

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Hello everyone.finally I have 6gpu rig. But I have some problems. First my setup: 4GB RAM,i3 cpu,h81 pro btc,6 rx580 8gb,2x 750w power supply,windows 10 64bit. So problem is after install all drivers plug 6gpu and installing video drivers installing just 3 gpu another 3 is not recognized

And msiafterburner no reading on all 6 cards

Yes I mining manero with MacBook

Get run test on minergate and nicehash 3gpu: minergate 33hashrate nicehash 91hash

Do you have extra Risers that you can change out the ones on the cards that arent working or try to switch the non working cards to the risers you know are working

Risers working I’m running now 5gpu. Have another problem after connect last gpu windows make error and keep restarting. Try swap last gpu usd cable with 1 working gpu it working fine. And is running fine with 5gpu tested on minergate recognize all 5 and hash rate 55-59mhs

Plus i3 runing on same time Montero 551h

I get double from my i3 but i think they have different i3’s with different amount of cores because i have another i3 that gets the hashrate you mentioned

so you just need to get the last card working? and you are getting 55mhs from each card or the whole rig?