Import Issues - - What the heck?

Has anyone had difficulty getting things through the port lately? Robert_Connolly has more info, but we have things hung up in customs waiting for a FAT import duty…!

I’ve been getting inspected more lately as well

it’s not about getting inspected. It’s about a $25k import tariff!!

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My last miner I paid 26% import tax which was 3k

Insane. Apparently the shippers were understating the values and got flagged. Gonna be costy…

They did a random check for appropriate value and HS code and now want their money!! Any thoughts badger? Has this happened to you? The lady on the phone was just not amused and told me to tell “my buddies” that they’re cracking down on the miners/servers coming in at lower values. I’m in a meeting, but any info Badger, would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you Sco for getting this out there!!

Pay up. It sucks. I paid 3k this week for miner. You been audited and have to pay or run risk of loosing it.

You’ll pardon me if I say. . . . well shit. …

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Yes, this really sucks. I’m receiving more and more calls from import officers. I hope this is just a temporary thing but who knows now that they’ve figured out they could make easy $$$$

Y does it suck your doing something illegal truthfully if you get caught u should do time and pay huge fine and lose any right to ship anything if you can’t do it the right way then don’t do it at all you guys that do this make it worse for everyone else hope who ever is doing hope u get slammed with huge fine and get your shit confiscated

Fuck you very much! I didn’t have anything to do with the shipping arrangements. I didn’t tell him to phony up the pricing. He gave me a number, and I paid it. where the numbers came from had nothing to do with me.

May you get VD and go blind.

I was coming here to ask this very question. I bought 7 box miners, 6 from goldshell, 1 from DxPool, for about 2k, both my first orders from either company, and just got an email from the delivery company DHL that they want 500 bucks in import fees. That’s 25%. So this is normal?

Yes, it is normal which is very unfortunate at the moment…

hey douche bag you know this would mean you won’t be paying that “competitive” price your chinese supplier gives you right? if buyers are willing to pony up an additional 25-30% just in import tax then by all means we wouldn’t be having this discussions here. stop being a smartass and have some sympathy for others.


I have no sympathy for anyone that are doing things illegal. Do the crime do the time without bitching. But hey guess you can’t all u can do is call me a douche bag. Atleast this douche bag does things legit

Hey Smokey024, you still here? A couple of things:

I came here asking legitimate questions of people who may honestly want to help (not you).
I was looking for guidance from people with experience and more understanding of the situation (not you).
Most of the people in this group honestly give a crap about the experience their fellows are having (not you).

So, here’s what I suggest. Take your sanctimonious, pious, Karen attitude and deposit it in your unsolicited opinion expulsion tube where it belongs, and go fuck yourself.

To the rest of you, thank you for your help.


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Hey Smokey024,

Just to reiterate (that means repeat), I’ll just drop this here. And I’ll use small words, and type slowly so you can maybe keep up.

I did nothing illegal. I asked for an all inclusive price including product, freight, fees, tolls, and tariffs. I was given a price, and I paid that price. Follow?

Thanks for playing.


I stop responding about yours because I thought you knew what your suppler did my bad on that if you didn’t know and was more for the ones that know what they are doing illegally truthfully if you had no idea I feel sorry for u. And your suppler should get fucked not u if u had no idea. He should pay the difference. I’m not a douche until you do shit illegally like most us reseller doing low duty’s. Maybe you should have tried badger since he is a ddp also I didnt call u a douche bag or hope u go blind all I did was if u do the crime do the time without bitching and as u can see there a lot of reseller that do it so yea fuck them and hope they get screwed

What In the hell crime are you even talking about? I’m new here too and just paid DHL duty fees. I also didn’t know about the fees as this was my first goldshell order. But I still have no clue as to what crime you are talking about??

You did something illegal through neglecting to check what the proper declared value should be what proper import tariffs are and making sure your vendor used proper numbers. This isn’t to say you did so with intent but were this in a court they wouldn’t care that you didn’t check it would still be you guilty of breaking the law. This ultimately should be a lesson to you and others the check through all details with a supplier and make yourself fully aware and prepared for the how you decide to proceed forward from there.