Innosilicon a10 500Mh review

So I posted this over on Discord but in case anyone’s interested:

I got a new Innosilicon a10 last week and here are some of my observations from using it since then:

Here it is… in my not so tidy shed.

(1) I ordered one from Coin Mining Central and it took forever to arrive - I ordered and paid for it on February 27th and it arrived on April 21st. The whole Coronavirus thing seems to have slowed deliveries right down and the factory in China was closed for a while apparently. It came from Hong Kong, through the UK and eventually made its way to me in Ireland.

(2) It usues a lot more than the 750w it claims to use - I have had a meter on it for the last 4 days and the meter consistently reads between 900w and 920w.

(3) The overclocking/underclocking modes have minimal effect - I have been using it at the Efficiency setting for the past 4 days and it doesn’t make much difference to either hash rate or power consumption. I am using it with the PSU that was supplied with it so I don’t know if that could be the issue but I don’t have another PSU to check it with.

(4) The hash rate is above the 500Mh they claim to offer - even with the efficiency mode set, my daily average hasn’t dropped below 500Mh - if I leave the miner alone and just let it work without changing any settings, the rate is about 510-520Mh per day on efficiency mode.

(5) You can’t connect to anonymous pools - for example - you need to have an account mining pool for it to work - F2Pool works fine.

(6) It’s not the noisiest ASIC miner I’ve ever heard but it’s not the quietest either - I’m lucky to have an outdoor shed that I hooked up with an Ethernet connection. Certainly you wouldn’t want it in your house.

(7) Do I think I’ll ever make my money back on it? Probably not unless ETH values rise dramatically but hey… there you go.

I hope some of you find this useful. I had lots more photos to post but I’m a new user - I’m only allowed one per post!

Peace & love,



This is a fairly typical power consumption level. Like I say - it could just be my PSU but I don’t have another PSU to compare it to!

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These overclocking/underclocking settings really don’t make much of a difference at all to either hash rate or power consumption.

The hashrate is consitently above 500Mh - even on days that I’ve been messing with the settings and rebooting the machine (which has been most days TBH…)

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F2Pool is fine. Anonymous pools are reported as dead even with the correct server addresses (my worker addresses are intentionally removed for the purposes of this picture).

I did some research and it seems that Innosilicon know about this problem but are not of a mind to fix it.

bro your shelf has me nervous for your miner looks like its ready to fall lol

Maybe it’s the camera angle! It’s pretty secure up there. It is a temporary solution though… my initial concern was to get it working and keep it out of reach of small children! :wink:

What is that bonus on F2 pool under your earnings?

As far as I understand it, it is my share of the transaction revenue. This gets added to my share of the block reward.

How did you manage to connect it to ethermine?

Totally right appreciation, you really told the truth about A 10 Master,for me even if it’s far not the best miner I ve found since I’m mining Crypto, I bought 4 of it, right now I make somedays 0.20 Ethereum with the 4 Asic of course connected in the same account F2pool…Thanks to inform me we cannot mine anonymously, It’s been more than 4 months I try to find why A 10 Master cant connect to many pools…Here is the answer, you must have an account OF COURSE I’m really but Really stupid!!!
Last you didnt write in your nice review, Innosilicon are ready to upgrade A 10 Master 4g to 5g, and in 18 months 5g to 6g…You ve been warned…Dont need to stop mining Ether never!!!Innno take care of their customers!!!
I forgot to say with 4 A 10 Master you earn more or less 80 usd / day…Which isnt so bad!!!

Whats the temps and the fan speeds? Tha can affect your wattage usage.