Installing a asic miner in my shed

I am going to buy a bitmain antminer l3+ and I want to install it in my shed.

my shed does have electricity but no router and my router is currently installed in the living room and I cannot remove it from there. but I was wondering if I could buy a wifi extender that has a build-in Ethernet port and install it in my shed and plug my miner in there would that work?

How far is the distance from shed to router? I have seen some extenders that have Eth ports, still if I remember correctly, the ports split the speed of the extender.

Around 5-6 meters i think but the distance is not allot of that i am sure

No way to run out a long cable? that would ensure stable connection.

i could try but i dont think my housemate would like that very much haha but in case i cannot run a cable would such an extender work even tho it would slow the mining down?

I think so. I wouldn’t do too much upgrading your shed until you try though.

yea good call i am going to instal the miner and the extender first just to test everything out and if it works im gonne look into cooling and more miners and stuff thanks!

I moved the my modem into my shed lol

@Nick_Flier What you are describing is exactly what I have done. I use a Wifi Mesh system (TP-Link Deco M5s) with the router in the living room. I have a couple of M5s spread throughout the house including one in the study that has a router on it through which I use (and mine) from 4 PCs and also have a NAS into that router. Out in the shed I have placed an M5 and I run two mining rigs through it. My daughter has an M5 in her room and plugs her PS4 into it. So far no problems at all - been running this setup for about 3 months now.

Damm sweet setup thanks for the info now i now for sure what options i have for when i am going to install it thank you!