Is a Scam?

Happy to see you checking in here but let me tell you some things that aren’t wise as well,

trustpilot reviews are easy to fake and do not make anyone valid

it’s easy to buy favor on twitter as well

If you’re not a scam that’s great, I never wish to fault anyone as a scam that’s not one but we are very careful to endorse or recommend anyone since there have been literally hundreds of scam ASIC miner reselling sites over the years, some of these newer influencers do not have the experience we do and one bad recommendation can severely damage those who support you financially as well as simply your brand authenticity.

How about some proof that actually matters like pictures of your miners w/ a piece of paper that says VoskCoinTalk, a selfie with you in it and the same note, business incorporation details, office address, your background, other team members?

Again only noobs throw thousands of dollars around after reading a trustpilot review lol


To be honest, you’re a new member here and your endorsement carries zero weight – are you also a member of our Discord or anything else to add validity to your recommendation?

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To add more details to this – we should really say we are unsure, we do not recommend or endorse at this time and will do more research as they have expressed interest in legitimizing themselves.

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@VoskCoin any luck finding a little more about this asic Market place? If you go to they are market as a trusted vendor. On the other hand, what does even mean?

Best regards

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I purchased 2 mini doge from asicmarketplace. Paid one time for everything, shipping, duties, etc. Actually arrived 1 day early. Both miners have been working away in my basement.

I’m on the same page and hopefully wishing I did not get scammed as I ordered a miner from them last week but I have yet gotten a shipping confirmation from them. On their website it says new products ship out within 48-72hrs so hopefully I will get some type of information from them. I will keep you posted on what’s my situation here. I know it’s tricky ordering from these places but I took my chance anyway.

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They do not shipping to Lithuania

Thank you Pedro

Hey guys,

Any update on if this company is legit?

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Have placed a small order, and let you guys know once / if it arrives.

So I received my miner from today


thanks for that feedback :+1:

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Avoid purchasing from this company… I purchased a Goldshell Doge Miner in July and it arrived in an unusable condition.
After sending hundreds of emails to both Goldshell and Asicmarketplace with both companies refusing to accept responsibility, I am left with a useless expensive aluminium box and $1,200 USD out of pocket.
Companies in China do not operate to the same professional standard as the rest of the world so I would advise anyone to avoid these companies and only purchase from European or American Companies where a warranty is honoured and any faulty item is exchanged.
I removed my original negative feedback from here under the illusion that this problem was going to be resolved… dishonesty knows no bounds with these companies!

Brett - What’s the issue that you’re having? Is it a function of the mini-DOGE not hashing or is it a power supply issue? If the power supply, this is easily remedied (though at an extra cost to you if the vendor or Goldshell won’t honor the warranty). If not the power supply, does the miner power up or not? If it does, did you check your ethernet connection? If ethernet connection is good (I had problems with a defective Cat6 cable once), did you try to upload the latest firmware? Some basic questions, but . . .

Brett, … did you check the network switch? that can easy be replaced, did you check the firmware? that caused problems to many of us, did you check if there are any loos items inside the device before you turned it on for the firast time? had a loose heatsink that could be glued for only a few bucks.

If you want good custom service you may think twice before you buy from China. But think about, probably all the mining devices come (came) from China. No matter who is selling it.

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Unfortunately Yes, Almost all computer chips are manufactured in eastern Asia. Which means all the asics are also assembled over there as well. Given the political climate in china, from slave labor to talks of war, its uncertain to say whether or not that will be the case a decade from now. Even if a US company could start producing computer chips here, there’s absolutely no way they could compete on price since China uses forced(slave) labor in a lot of the manufacturing sector. Free labor makes up for extra shipping costs hands down.

Hello, how has the hardware worked out?

So far so good I’ve been running it for two days now with no issues

Hey everyone! New to the forum. If anyone reads this I’d love to join the discord. So if you can share a link I’d appreciate it!

Stumbled here as I’m looking to buy some KD-box miners as my first experience in mining and I’m looking where to buy. It’s sold out on gold shell. So y’all have any other trustworthy recommendations?

I’ve seen asicmarketplace but I really haven’t seen any trustworthy reviews. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

BEWARE! This user created account the same day he posted the review for AsicMarketplace

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