Is a Scam?

I know this place looks shady I can personally say I purchased from them and received my miner about a week from ordering. I felt the same way and took a chance and ordered anyway, pay almost double the price from what goldshell was selling them for which I think was around $750 usd but I pay 1300 for mine. I felt robbed as I purchased it but I wasn’t sure if goldshelll was going to have any In stock so I took a chance.

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Here is where I am at with asicmarketplace. On sept 2,21 my wired payment was received for a mini doge miner. The miner was received about a week later, in good condition and is currently mining. I ordered the mini doge as a test to see if they were a valid company.

So the next step was to order a Bitman S19J, what I really wanted. The order was placed on Sept 29, money wired on sept 30th. Unfortunately oct 1-7 was a national Chinese holiday. And my funds were not acknowledged to of been received until oct 12th. It is Oct 15th and still the order is labeled as processing. This delay seriously puts in doubt whether they will be used again.

When/if it arrives I’ll update this post

Did your order ship yet? I placed an order on sept 29th and it still shows processing.

Hey Dudes, I’m looking for a Bitmain Antminer S17 should I wait for asicminermarketplace to restock, or does anyone recommend another company to order from I would like not to pay more than $2,500 if possible.


Still waiting, but expected shipping date is end of october. Will post once received (or not received)

Just recieved an email notice that as of today, Oct 19 2021, the miner has shipped.

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Which miner did you order?

I am a new user and have just ordered a dodge mini miner. I just received a confirmation that they received my payment, I am now waiting for shipping confirmation. It has only been 10 hours since I ordered. I will keep this thread informed through the process. Hopefully it goes well!

Any update on this?

Ok so 78 hours since my order, I finally received a ups tracking number. When I tracked the package a few minutes ago, it says label created. I will update tomorrow but I believe it is Sunday across s the pond.

Just checked the tracking number again and it says it has shipped and due to arrive on October 26!

What are you getting for LTC and Doge payout per day?

Every five days I get about 4.50 for lite coin in total and about 40doge coins

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Nice thanks!

Hi, is that the profit with a Goldshell mini doge?