Is GoldShell KD5 worth it

I’m planning to purchase a GoldShell KD5 with a partner. Currently, it’s 18k on BT-Miners, I saw the profitability on asicminervalue but I was hoping to hear from someone who has one or knows more about it.

18k, yea better know how much that thing can make for ya, cost as much as car. I do know however to date Gold Shell is ligit.
Actually I think, think I read a post on here about BT-Miners and scammer sites that look like them, please, please look into this before proceeding forward.

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Kadena has been good for me since I bought a BM-K1, great team behind it too. The KD5 is one of the most efficient miners on that algorithm to date. Planning on buying a few myself.


I bought the KD5 from BT-Miners, paid around $13.5K delivered.
I’m on f2pool and my first day, not subtracting electricity, my revenue was around $51, my hashrate is around 16.3 TH/s.
The report from Goldshell KD5 profitability | ASIC Miner Value looks better then the truth in my case, but it’s still making Kadena.


Thank you! I feel like It’s still a good investment especially because its brand new. Thanks for posting your numbers!

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yeah man!
I was hesitant, but Columbus took a chance.
I pulled the trigger and now I’m hoping that in ~9 months it pays for itself and then it’s nothing but profit.
That’s the hope.

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Ya man. no sweat.

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I just click the Link from asic miner value. Surely they have the right link right?

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yep, that’s what I did. I sold off stocks to pay for my purchase and felt like it’s a big risk, but so are stocks. At least with a miner in my basement, I can feel like a part of the network, literally. Also, if it works out and pays off in 9 months, then I have an asset that the stock market, on average, can’t touch.

just switched pools from f2pool to poolflare and my hash rate went up to specs.
doesn’t make sense to me, but the tech said to change your pool, I did, then my hash rate went up immediately.
I’ve mined ~82 KDA before the switch.

So was the photo of you getting 15.57 Th/s before or after switching pools?

Hey, Where are you sending your coins? I send mine from f2pool straight to kucoin. I wanted to use poolflare but in a setup video I watched, the guy said poolflare will only work with zelcore and I can’t get zelcore to work on my computer.

I mine using Poolflare and send straight to my Hotbit account. I think the difficultly has gone up considerably and I’m mining a lot less that i used to.

I’m using dxpool and getting closer to the manufacturer specifications.

I use zelcore