Is the CK5 profitable in 2022?

Bought a CK5 for 9000usd in hope to cover my student expenses. One hashboard got broken after 3 days of mining.
After using 500usd on shipping and losing 3months worth of mining. I am still waiting to recieve it back from goldshell. I see now that the profitability is close to zero after electricity.

Even though it were a bad purchase,
do you believe the ck5 stand a chance in 2022 or should I try to get rid of it?

It doesn’t take 3 months for goldshell to fix and ship your miner back to you. Have you contacted them to find out what your repair status is?

Sorry, I meant the process from finding the problem, contacting third-supplier, waiting for them to contact goldshell, waiting through their holiday, me contacting them, waiting for my miner to ship from my host and then doing remote fix with opposite time zones (aka only communicating every 24hour).

It has been in china for 10 days, they have not responded on my email from 6 days ago asking for status. It may be because of them having new years at that time.

That sucks.
As far as “will it be profitable” is concerned, nobody knows that answer. However, the reason the $CKB price dropped was totally market related and everything crashed in price. If you look back at #CKB around Sept, Oct, Nov before the crash, it was doing pretty well - nearly 4x today’s price. Hang in there - its crypto


The ck5 at 0.12 per kWh is making around 10$ a day.

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If you have one ck5, it’s better to solo mine than to join a pool. you have higher probability of getting more coins.

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CKB mining with CK5 or CK6 should be great - don’t let the last 4 weeks sour your outlook!


Thanks I will check it out

Have you tried this yourself? What were your results?

I’m going to give it a try for a few days.

Yes, I’m doing it right now. I’m getting way more than what I would normally get when mining through pools such as f2pool.

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Right on. I was in the 2miners pool and just switched over to the 2miners solo. Let’s hope the results are a little better.

Make sure you stay in long time. Don’t switch to a different pool after couple days.

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Will do. Thanks for the tip. I’m very new to mining, so anything helps.

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How do you think mini ck boxes would do solo mining?

Probability of solving a block is low but you would make more than 1000 coins every time you solve one. Worth a shot in my opinion.

I’m making right at 1,000 CKB right now per day using DXPool. @cryptominernv How do you solo mine with a CK5? :grinning:

On avg how many CKB per day in the solo 2miners pool with your ck5?

I’ve been mining solo for a week and on average i get 1800per day with 12th

Wow, that’s impressive. I think I’ll give it a try.

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