IS A Scam?

I deposited money on and after the 2 days I requested the money and after talking to their live support saying I was gonna increase my investment if the withdraw went through and sure enough after I said I was gonna do a 10k contract I saw the my initial investment back in my coinbase account
did I scam the scammer or is this legit

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How does that make any sense. its only legit if i deposit the 10K. im pretty sure they only sent me money is because they thought I would deposit 10k


I am pretty sure when this Forum first started I saw that in the scam site list I will try to find it for you

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I think I just scammed them lol

You can count on the fact that someone paid for that choice. You said you think?

I didn’t know if anyone else actually got paid out

Sigh, don’t worry about it.

Perhaps you are not interested. Here is even better advice…
You could donate the proceeds to charity.

well I was gonna use the money to get a mining rig but since you mentioned it ill donate what I can

Do you have a charity of choice

I personally just look for opportunities presented to me locally. Don’t really doubt that you will, over time donate even more. No hurries. Hope you can find what you are looking for in a miner. Attempting to find a decent US option to invest in here. Obelisk is obviously not it.

You scammed the scammer? That was someone’s $.

Ponzi scheme

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not like the scammer is giving it back to anyone once they have it unless you scam them out of it

@Rocky_Bro I am sending you a hug bro I feel like you need it :stuck_out_tongue:

VoskCoins is a scam as @MeatyMouse linked our official warning thread on it, please stay away from them.

Seems like people are mad that I got my money back plus what they said they would pay me. its not like the people who paid in would be getting their money back anyway

exactly! idk what they mad at you for

lol atleast I have someone on my side

maybe they have never been scammed I know if I was you I would want what was owed to me and any extra I could take from them bastards screwing over people

Me too had the same experience. May be, he is trying to gather the trust. Actually, I did realize that this guy has nothing to do with the actual voskcoin, I was very worried that I had $795 investment in it at that time. But I managed to get the return (got $1435 including the promised profit) teling them that all of the friends are going to join and my friends are waiting for the proof.
When I started, I put $10, got $12. Then I put $43, I got $51. Then I deposited $795. But the suspecting started when I noticed the difference in domain name( – extra ‘s’ in the address) and the lack of voskcoin logo anywhere in the website except of the title of browser tab.
So, I asked about this here, confirmed that it was fake.
After I made a complete drama making them believe that I am adding almost 20 people to my referral list. 20 of my friends just signed up on my advise (I told them not to deposit and this is just a precaution for me). I created some random chat’s screenshots narrating my friends enthusiasm to deposit. I send it to them and asked them to release my reward. Literally, I made a plot to make him believe that, if he scammed me, he would loose the chance to scam 20 people.
Anyway, got payment after 48 Hrs.
But I didn’t stop there too, I wanted teach him a lesson. With the four day experience, I realized that he won’t scam on the first deposit, his strategy is to win trust first. So I had also made him believe that one of my friend is ready with $1500 to invest after seeing my reward in wallet. I had also mentioned that friend’s username. So after I recieved my reward, I gave $200 to my friend and told him to invest there and tell him “If this one is succesfull, I will invest a $1000”.
As expected, I got the referral bonus upon his investment (actually my money) and after 48 Hrs recived the complete payment also ($280).
I stopped there. May be he is waiting for my friend’s $1000 now :joy:.
And, I dare not to deposit anymore in it.