SCAM ALERT and ARE FAKE VoskCoin websites

Over the last couple months, we dealt with, a fake scam website impersonating VoskCoin and Drew Vosk. We were successful in bringing down that fraudulent website thanks to @greer. Unfortunately they have relaunched the same scamming website posing as VoskCoin and offering a cryptocurrency cloud mining service yet again, at We have begun the reporting process, thanks again to @greer, and we are hopeful we will have this deceitful website removed soon as well.

This is a public safety announcement, DO NOT send them anything, whether it’s your money or information. If you ever have a question about VoskCoin, what we are doing, and the services we offer please reach out directly right here on the official VoskCoinTalk VoskCoin forum.

Thanks to Greerso’s research one of the associated Bitcoin BTC addresses associated with this fake scam cloud mining voskcoins operation was found

To be very clear, this Bitcoin BTC address is NOT associated with VoskCoin in anyway. If you send your Bitcoins to that address, you will be scammed and lose them.


Here is an example of someone who was apparently scammed by @Ruth

We don’t offer these services, we never have, and we do not currently plan to. There is no “real site”, just fake scam sites. We’ve warned everyone, everywhere, please do research before throwing your money away.

Please reference all of the OFFICIAL VoskCoin accounts, sites, and social media here - Full list of all OFFICIAL VOSKCOIN websites, social media, and accounts


Actually, there are paying also. I put $10 first. I got $12. I put $43 , got $53. I saw this post after putting $795. But fortunately they paid me $1431. I was little worried whether I would loose my money or not. But actually I was paid as they offered. May be a trick to gain my trust. I don’t deposit there further. I just got away from that site after regaining my investments.