Items bought from goldshell just got hit with over 20% tariff

just got a notification from dhl saying that I have to pay this fee or else they will return it back to sender. I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, but I became the unfortunate. i hope everyone is aware of the possible situation that can happen. this sucks…

What country are you in?

us of a!

Good to know, thanks for the heads up.

it depends on what class they ship them under if you have duty fees. Repaired electronics do not have fees. New in box products do have fees.

i am expecting to pay 20% VAT on my KD-box when it comes in 2 days :D, budgeted for this already though so not too bothered.

well it seems like goldshell had been very honest about what was inside the box lol

most of the sellers on eBay will ship under repaired / used electronics so that is why many dont have duty fees when those arrive from China to USA.

What did you buy?

1200w power supplies in bulk

I believe the tariffs are for items valued over 1500, so if the cumulative value is greater than 1500 you’d pay the 25% tariff fee.

Perks of buying individual units is that you don’t pay the tariff.

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The guys shipping the machine should use data processing machine as the HTS code instead of server… this would save tons on tariffs

Yea…i’m probably not gonna buy from goldshell unless it’s something very high in demand down the road

You should be paying the fees. It’s a new unit. Just factor in the tariff next time you order. :+1:

and this is exactly why I will never buy a high dollar item.

I purchased from BT-Miners, and one question I asked was about tariff since the items come from China…Here is their answer.

I have yet to receive anything as the items were just purchased today but…I think how they avoid this is they ship out bulk items to their USA location to then be distributed.

yeah, tariff suck. I think 1600 usd is the point to avoid.