Just sharing ! got my electric upgraded!

Got my house electric upgraded to start mining ! built it off of voski coin youtube channel electric video !! 10 plugs all on 30amp breakers running 240v… 200 amps just for mining !!! nows the hard part finding miners at a reasonable price :rofl:

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Nice! I have a 100amp panel with 3 30amp breakers, and I’m considering to go 5 20amp instead. I feel like if you’re running a machine like btc and ltc, 20amp is more efficient.

What do you plan to mine with all those power?

What size is the main service in your home?


yeah upgraded the house to 400amp service

I want to get into bitcoin for sure but also looking into other miners if the price is right ! I had to upgrade before I could do any kind of mining so I went big enough I could have options in the future

I’m assuming an electrician did this… did they ask a lot of questions or did they know what it was for?

I’m running 240v on 20 amp for my ck6 seems to be running fine so far was wondering if it would mine better if I had 30amp

Hi Turk_1
That 240v on 20 Amps is giving you 4800 Watts or 4.8kwh CK6 is only drawing 3300 Watts or 3.3kwh that’s more than enough unless you plan to plug more miners into that 20 amp then you should go 30 amps which will be 7200 Watts or 7.2 kwh always check the consumption of your miner.

How was the upgrade process? I’m looking into doing this as well.

Looks great!
I added a 50 amp and a 30 amp circuit to my garage. Your setup looks very nice.

@cryptominernv, why would a 20 amp breaker be more efficient than a 30 amp?

Don’t overload your board you only got 200 amp = 48000 Watts this enough to run 10 CK6 miners 24/7 assuming this board is for only mining and you have separate supply to your house.

Because you are able to set up more miners. Lets say you have 100 amp panel to work with. If you have 110TH btc miner, you can run 5 of these under 20amp breakers. If you have 30 amp, you can only run 3 machines since you can’t go beyond 80% for safety reason.

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Ah, gotcha. I though you were saying the actual power delivery is more efficient on a 20 vs 30 amp breaker, like there is less resistance or something. I was trying to figure that out. :exploding_head:

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I did a fair amount of research and knew what I wanted so that went super easy. it helped a lot knowing what plugs, and amp breakers and volts , etc

your mining shouldn’t change based on amps, I went higher so I had more options for future miners as they come out. just staying under the 80% rule

it went pretty smooth. the hard part for me was finding a 400 amp Meter. they couldn’t find one in my state so had to orde from out of state

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Nice setup and professional finish. I’m looking to do so in UK with my fuse box and several sockets next to it.

If you are looking for miners have a look at www.asicminershub.com
I’ve ordered several times and paid PayPal, not like other places asking for crypto or bank transfers.

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haha thanks I’ll check it out !
just checked them out super over priced just a heads up man

just remember the breakers are there just to protect the wiring not the appliance. Last thing you want is the wiring to over heat and cause a fire.
a 20 amp circuit needs a min of 12, but 10 awg wire is better, while 30 amp needs a min of 10 but 8 awg is better.
I prefer to use over size so 10 awg for 20 amp and 8 for 30.
when you consider a l3+ uses 800 watts or less or about 3.7 amps each, you can effectively run 5 miners off of 1 20 amp circuit but I prefer to run no more than 4.