KD Lite vs KD6se vs iBelink K3 40.5T?

Which would you go with?

KD Lite – 1330W @ $8,300 (~$512/Th)
KD6se – 2300W @ $9,299 (~$375/Th)

Includes shipping to US
Wisconsin USA

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That price pushes the ROI over 2 years . Good luck

KD6se for me. Nice addition to the farm.

The lite will save you cash on the powerbill. But I’m only buyin the coin straight for now.

that hatchet photo shop job on the one picture should land you a nice fat ban to be frank

Well Frank, I’m sorry that I didn’t end up buying your L7 miners after hearing more details about your situation but it seems that no one else has taken you up on your offer either. I’ll upload new pictures later.

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Where are you getting your kd6se or kdlite want to start mining don’t want to get scammed if you could help

You can buy direct from Goldshell, https://www.goldshell.com/shop/

I’ve also had good luck with BT-Miners, https://bt-miners.com/

KD6se price reduction - now $9,499 shipped.

I was exploring best prices for miners. Came across Big Sky Asics, based in USA. From their Social medias they look very legit, checked for reviews on google. They have almost everything on their website from Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, IbeLink, Lovecore e.t.c… Do check guys, hope you get what you are looking for.
P.S. They accept credit cards and crypto also :smiley:

Just to back out shipping costs because costs will vary from buyer to buyer, Goldshell price is $9199

When comparing the KD Max, KD6 SE and KD Lite, on a power consumption-to-hashrate basis, the KD Lite is the best deal among the Goldshell KDA rigs. From a unit cost-to-hashrate basis, the now lower price on the KD6 SE makes it the best deal.

I’d expect that the KD Max price will have to drop soon (to $18k?) in order to make it competitive from an efficiency and cost basis with the KD6 SE and KD Lite.


I added a KD5 for reference (last summer (late July? August?), Goldshell had offered KD5s for $10.5k). Even the KD Lite might have to come down again (despite recent price drop).

Great table set up! I think overall the KD6se is the best option. More horsepower than the KD Lite and only ~10% more watts/hashrate for an extra $1,000.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but it’s an individual judgment. Basically what’s more important to you? Minimizing capital expenditures per unit hash or minimizing operating costs per unit hash? And part of that calculus depends on cost of power expectations going forward.

In my own case, my power company jacked rates from $0.105/kWh to $0.13 on Jan 1st. I’ve already had to shutdown my LT5 Pro. I’m dreading this coming January and potentially having to shutdown more rigs due to a massive rate increase, or bear the risk of having them remotely hosted.

Updated table to include KD Box Pro


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Love this discussion. Which way would you go if the KD Max was listed at $19,500? Cost/hash and watts/hash would be nearly identical compared to the KD Lite.

@badgerlandcrypto Much tougher call for sure. But I’d probably go with a KD Lite simply because I don’t have the budget for a KD Max.

Even if I did, I’m not sure I’d have the risk appetite for a $19.5k KDA miner at the rate at which difficulty is increasing vs the rate at which KDA pricing has dropped 95% from ATH (though it’s certainly not the only alt alone in this regard). With 2 KD 5’s and a KD Lite already, I’m probably as exposed to KDA as a I should be.

That said, mining is frickin’ addictive! I occasionally ignore the whole difficulty vs KDA pricing vs KDA overexposure thing and think to myself that adding another KD Lite wouldn’t be bad if Goldshell lowers the price again. It’s a case of passion over logic.

how much do you take into consideration reliability of Goldshell units. great chart, def cool to see! but i also look at it and think i almost rather have 8 KD-Box Pros, so in case I have any have issues with one then the others will likely continue still running, and also have the opprotunity to sell some off if KDA price goes up and miners values go up as well. but of course more moving parts to go wrong as well. but i will also add that being in a small apartment the box miners offer me more flexibility in regards to connecting them to my limited power options. but yeah would love your guys opinions on having more miners to avoid one breaking down and taking me out of the game!

Interesting perspective and I like where you’re coming from. You’d also have more flexibility to diversify into different box miners as they come out or flip them for newer models of the KD Box Pro. Downside is more time to monitor and maintain, but to me that’s part of the fun :slight_smile:.

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last image look badly edited, i would not buy there

Updated picture now available

I wouldn’t recommend any kda miners to anyone in current state of affairs.