(KDA miners) Hashpool is back up

Looks like hashpool.com is back up and running.

I’ve not tried connecting any KDA miners to the pool yet, but plan too give it a try soon.

Nice to get more options back for KDA!

Help decentralize KDA…


I did a quick test with a KDA Box and it started mining fine from Hashpool. I’ll switch over tomorrow to Hashpool for a couple days to see how well it does compared to dxpool and poolflare.


To go a step further with the decentralization of KDA mining

Kadena has a mining client that allows mining without using a mine pool.



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FYI, I’m getting decent results with Hashpool.

Since it is a PPLNS pool, in the beginning I was wondering if I made a mistake since payout has a minimum of 2 KDA, and it was looking like it would take forever to get to 2 KDA.

After 12 hrs on Hashpool, I was way under performing compared to dxpool.

But I stuck with it, and 29 hrs later, I’m having better results than I did with dxpool. And it should continue to only get better based on the PPLNS system compared to dxpool PPS system.

My data, (earned in 12 hr period)(KD Box)(averaged)

Hashpool: 0.724 KDA
DXpool (.net url) : 0.680 KDA
Poolflare (PPLNS) : 0.740

Note*: DXpool now recommends using the .com url for better performance. My data is based on .net.

Note*: All my data is based on relatively recent data (this week), but short durations (48 hrs mining on each)

Will try and update…


Please let me know how your experience was mining solo KDA. I’m curios how it was and if it was worth it. Also what kda miner are you using.

:sweat_smile: I’m still a little over my head in setting up and mining to my own node/pool

If you believe the much more qualified minds at Kadena…In the posts linked above that they have tested and received results equal to or better than using mining pools.
Not mining through a pool = more decentralization
No pool fee = higher payout

SOLO is simply another payout type like PPLNS and PPS.


I believe we can use hashpool coming back online as an example though:

The night @SpragClutch made this thread…
Hashpool’s Pool Hashrate was only between

Yet @SpragClutch is yeilding rewards at the same level as poolflare! Of course i say same level as poolflare bcuz his payment type is PPLNS
(My 12hr PPLNS rewards on poolflare range from 0.74’s - 0.77’s)
Those low mine pool hashrates are what you’d get from about 8 KD-Box’s (4 people with 2 kd box each)

Idk about you, but, from my perspective that is pretty interesting comparative data.

I’m still in the stage where I’m making sure i have all the proper files that are needed to run the

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As a data point, I’m pulling down less on DXpool.net that I had on .com. Also less than poolflare.
poolflare .7335 (2 days)
.net .7142 (2 days)
.com .7554 (1 week pre .netpocalypse)

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: netpocalypse

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Another update,

38 hr. of mining on Hashpool with a KD Box, I’m getting on average 0.74 KDA every 12 hours.

There are times when the box is earning very little KDA, then other times it will get a big earning. The nature of PPLNS.

And as @Kenji126 mentioned, this actually looks very promising for mining solo on your own node/pool. And just as Kenji126 mentioned, Right now Hashpool only has 14-15 TH/s. Which means there are only 8-10 KDA boxes mining on it right now. Pretty close to what one would be doing if they were mining to ones own node using Kadena’s mining client…

I’ll have to look into Kadena mining client. Hopefully @Kenji126 will also share what he finds out about single mining with KDA.


Would be a good idea to get off of poolflare for the health of KDA, at least short term!



Reached my 2 KDA minum required for payment yesterday. Payment time came and went, and I received no payout. So Hashpool missed my first payment. So, I’ve decided to switch back to DXpool for now. I don’t want to keep hashing out at Hashpool not knowing if they will eventually payout. I’ll update here if they payout.

Not all is lost though, as very few are mining at Hashpool currently (20 TH/s). And I got decent returns.

So, if one was able to figure out how to go solo and mine with Kadena mining client and skip the pools, you should have decent returns.

The potentials of KDA is looking good. But sad that currently, KDA is way too centralized on Poolflare.

Centralized = 51% Attack Definition (investopedia.com)

Means everything you earn could be taken away from a 51% Attack Definition (investopedia.com)

Is Hashpool set up ‘account-less’ like Poolflare? you just mine with your wallet address as the username? I tried to go to the Help Center but it wouldn’t even load - doesn’t build a lot of confidence. Plus the 2 KDA payout threshold is a little too long (1.5 days).
I’ll probably go back to Dxpool. But I just have 1 KD-Box - so small impact.

I’m in the same situation. I’m happy with Dxpool in the meantime though.

I’m going to try Dxpools “.com” pool url this time and see if I get better result than with Dxpools “.net” url.

I looked into Hashpool on their Discord forum, and it seemed like the payout has been an issue in the past. I don’t think it’s on purpose, but never the less an issue that needs to be solved.

And yes, Hashpool is set up the same as Poolflare, as no accounts.

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Hello guys, how is it going for you with Hashpool, I moved mine to Hashpool a day ago and so far I see 50% reward vs poolflare. Still it is just a day and with PPLNS one day is not long enough to judge so I will keep going with Hashpool for a while to see how it goes as a sacrifice for decentralisation :rofl:


Read all posts above for my experience with hashpool. Hashpool actually performs well compared to poolflare. But they have issues with payout.

I switched to Dxpool because of this for now. I’ll wait until their payout system is fixed fully.

Currently working with Hashpool to get paid out manually. So I believe Hashpool is doing their best to get it resolved.

FYI, just found out that Hashpool currently is not compatible with KDA K: Address. Which is why my payout failed to go through.

Talking with Hashpool, KDA K: address will work with Hashpool in the future though.

So if you are planning on mining with Hashpool, use non-K: KDA addresses for now.

Yes I have seen your comments on their Discord and I moved from k: to non k: address for the moment.
I still have money they should pay to me with manual process from k: address.
Have you managed to get your money from them ?
I have also kep just one device with Hashpool for the moment till I see they really pay out since I have seen on their forum complaining about payout so I am not willing to lose all mining profit but I give uit a chance with one KD box. I still see profit being less vs poolflare.

BTW there was also CM pool in past for KDA mining but they seems to be offline on both US and EU server for the moment. I am just sharing link so you guys have it in case they are back online. https://cmpool.io

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…i forgot about cmpool :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: