KDA pool teams?

So I moved from poolflare to dxpool a couple of weeks ago. Then tried hashpool (not for the profit obviously), but to help the KDA situation. I know this is probably a long shot (because many of the miners are in a warehouse grabbing as much money as it possibly can) , but was looking to see if there was a way to get a group of people to switch to dx, hash, f2, and we could all switch once a week (more or less) to split the higher profit to medium to low? I know this is definitely a long shot, and I will probably sound dumb for hope, but if KDA takes a shit because we are all greedy then we all lose.


Hashpool could compete with poolflare, they just need Hashrates. 7 PH/s and they would be outputting same payout as Poolflare.

If we could get a number of people to all switch at once, it could work. But requires a lot of trust and coordination to work out…

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If we could get a list of people with machines they are willing to commit, we could coordinate to all switch to Hashpool on a certain date.

Why hashpool? They have low fee PPLNS system.

We know the rejection rate for USA and Europe. And it’s reasonable,

USA - 4%
Europe - 2%

They are K account compatible.

And we know that if we can get a considerable amount of Hashrates to all jump on Hashpool, it will increase Hashpools average luck, which would give good payouts.

What do you think?


If I manage to get any KD6’s I was planning to pop them on Hash. just two KD6’s would almost double the hash.


Hashpool would need 7 PH/s to become as profitable as Poolflare. 7 PH/s = 7000 TH/s = 269 KD6’s

This is why we need to coordinate together. Otherwise Hashpool will never have enough hashrates to keep miners on their pool. Miners join and after a week or two they realize they are only making 50% of what they could be making on Poolflare. And then they leave Hashpool for Poolflare…

But If we coordinate, and get enough people to jump on Hashpool at roughly the same time, enough to raise Hashpools hashrates to be at the very least as profitable as DXpool, then people will remain on hashpool long enough for it to eventually grow to 7 PH/s and rival Poolflare.

I’m not sure how much hashrates Hashpool would need initially to jump start it, but I would think just 1 PH/s would really help Hashpool out. 1 PH/s = 1000 TH/s = 38 KD6. This number is much more achievable…

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Well we got to about 1/10th that with just a few of us. Count me in for a retry but I just have a single KD-Box (not for lack of trying to get more though).


I notice currently that Hashpools average luck for the past 24 hrs is 106%.

People mining on Hashpool with in the last 24 hrs should be getting good returns.

More hashrates would keep the luck averaged out at around 100% longterm

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I will move a KD5 and 2 kd boxes if we could make something happen. But moved back to dxpool for now



Right now we have,

1 - KD5 (18 TH/s each)
1 - KD2 (6 TH/s each)
7 - KD Boxes (1.6 TH/s each)

Total Hashes = 35.2 TH/s

Members with machines ready,


I was there for like 2 weeks just moved to DX pool for now since I was loosing quite a bit in last 2 weeks.
I can join the team with my KD2 + KD BOX if we agree on certain date.
As @SpragCluch said 10% would probably guarantee 100% Luck but I have seen in variation between 40 - 90 TH that there has been quite lucky days so probably if we will manage to be over at least 200 TH we might sill have significant fluctuation but we will have bigger chance to be closer to 100% rather than 40-60% I have experienced previously.
Count on me - I am still planning to have my own KDA node running but I was not rushing on it so far :slight_smile:


I haven’t tested this out yet, but mining solo is allegedly 20% more profitable than mining pools which is one of the advantages of KDA as a coin in the first place. Pending more research. I also got more coins by switching to 1 gig fiber internet connection.


First great name @PurrdyMouth, 2nd I have been curious about solo mining but I haven’t done enough research yet. A possibility in the future though. I am just not that tech savvy and get mad when I get stuck and confused lol. So for now I will stay with trying to get a team to make a move / change.

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I’ll revisit this thread if I ever figure it out myself. Someone reached out to me on Twitter and said there was a guide for laymen by Kadena Sweden on youtube about solo mining. I’m not near my miners right now so I haven’t cared to look it up yet, but will return if I ever do.

I think this thread is related to bit different topic but there are at least 2 different option to solo mining.

  1. Running you KDA node and mine to it - you need to run node on Linux or Mac
  2. Some pools offer solo mining you just need to set stratum address in correct way - for example poolflare offers it but I never tried.
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Is it truly mining solo on Poolflare if you choose the SOLO option? Or does Poolflare still control your hashrates? Thats my only concern with choosing the SOLO option on Poolflare…

Not sure if it truly helps decentralize KDA from Poolflare…

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+1 KD-Box

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I will probably repost this original post to reddit soon and see what turns up there. We are going to need a lot more people to want to help. Thanks to all who have replied already.

I may make a new thread requesting only people post with how many and type of machine they are willing to commit.

Would be easier for me to keep track.

So may want to wait before posting elsewhere. I’ll try and get it set up this afternoon…

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Looks like this misfit rag tag group of kda miners is getting organized. :ok_hand:


I moved my KDBox from DxPool to Hashpool. In the past 24/hrs i made 1.55 kda better than the 1.3 i was making on DxPool! Is this because of luck?