Latest Updates From Various HNT Mining Suppliers (4/15/21)

Hello everyone,

I’ll be providing some of the most recent updates from HNT vendors regarding order fulfillment. These updates can be found on the main Helium Discord Community. You can find the link to that server by visiting this link here. Access the link from the Quick Link Guide.

hello all, to address some of the most frequently discussed topics above, plus some news
1. We have uploaded our CE certifications on the website today. Please check the download section (bottom of page) for the cert PDF
2. We have shipped some units to helium, dewi, plus the 2 lucky winners (one in europe and one in us) that took part in the free giveaway on twitter at the time of the launch.
3. The influencers we provided units to mostly were recommended by helium and reached out to us very early on. This was a small batch and no line was jumped. We are still receiving requests from affiliates and we’re taking a much longer time to approve or even respond these days, because we’re taking care of paying customers first
4. We added USDC as well as USDT payment to our payment portal
5. We also implemented a tawk chatbox at the checkout page, although it’s mostly auto chat right now, if you type in keywords such as order staus, payment, shipping, it will auto generate the answers for you. This is not ideal, but we’re improving it every single day
6. Please excuse the approach, but we do prioritize requests from customers that have paid but are having difficulties seeing their payment status change from pending to paid. If this is you, please first check your spam (a few problems solved that way). If there’s nothing in spam, you very likely have forgot/under/over paid the processing fee, or paid your order out of the 1 hour window. In that case please DM me your order number, transaction ID, and what happened (Eg. overpaid, underpaid, order expired)
7. Check the 1 min video here that explains how to pay
8. Estimated shipping time has not changed. It’s 8-12 weeks from your order date
9. If you have other questions re payment, order, shipping, etc. I kindly and gently nudge you to visit our FAQ page first, and I thank the community for helping out with answers, banters and criticisms, all has been fair, and we’ll continue to improve

Status Update Time… It always comes here first! Not a whole lot to share today, but it does contains all the information we know at this time.

Update on Eagle and Falcon: Eagle and Falcon are still in transit, estimated to arrive to the US early next week. We are hoping for no customs delays and will keep you updated. We are expecting to have Eagle and Falcon land at CalChip facilities by the end of next week. This means Eagle and Falcon should start shipping to customers the last week of April. All the Shipping Calculator information has been updated to reflect this. Asia Units: Current China orders are now in production and should be shipping soon! We will have a separate update on these orders specifically next week. (I know this has been said before but real progress is being made and I am confident there will be more details to share next week) Prioritization Clarification: It’s been brought to our attention that there have been some community concerns regarding possible favoritism being given to the business clients and to international orders. Please note the orders are shipped out in the same order they were received, moving through the order queue organically.
Businesses do not get prioritized shipping over community members. Several of our business clients placed large orders up front and get partial shipments from every batch. Why does it look like the EU is so far ahead of the US/CAN? To help put the EU and US order number ranges into perspective, we would like for you to know that for every 10 orders that come in, on average, 8.5 are for North America and 1.5 are for Europe. Since they all share the same lot of order numbers, it makes sense that the EU miners appear like they are so far ahead. It is not that they are being fulfilled quicker or sooner, but rather that the US orders are much more plentiful, being purchased at a rate of more than 4 to 1.”

Dolphin: 37 orders left to fulfill and then Dolphin will finally be completed!

ust got an update from the test house:
RF - complete
EMC - nearly complete (80%)
ROHS/WEEE/REACH - complete
Safety/ErP - complete

EMC - nearly complete (80%)

Batch 1 - whole lot ready to be tested and sealed as soon as certs
Batch 2 - in various stages of production
Batch 3 and beyond - some parts delivered, others not, production not started yet
Hey everyone! I know you’ve all been eager to get as much insight into the FCC application process as possible, so I’ve rounded up some details for you. The paperwork and initial application to the lab was submitted on March 13th. This includes:

- User Manual
- EUT (equipment under test) Guide
- EUT Firmware
- Description of Operation
- Schematics
- Block diagrams
- And additional details like what the FCC label will look like

The March 20th invoice you’ve seen was when the application was amended to include CE certification. With the EUTs, they’re testing in all possible configurations, such as normal operating mode and continuous transmitting modes on every channel possible. No issues about the devices have been communicated to us, and the lab is currently conducting testing of the devices in “continuous transmit mode” As of now, we don’t have a specific projection of when FCC will be fully approved, but with these timelines in mind, we still feel confident in all our stated projections.

Hi VoskCoin, Do you have a promotional code for Nebra purchase via Paypal?

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No just our affiliate link, they’re receiving too many orders to want to give us a discount code :confused: lol

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