Legit seller ? casaminers.com

I successfully recieved my order from them. It appears Casa Miners is a legit miner re-seller but their response time for emails is pretty bad. Be ready to wait anywhere between 1-3 weeks per email you send to get a response.

Each miner enthusiast must do their own research and find who the best company is based off of their needs.


Same here I did receive a miner eventually. The video shows my experience with doing business with them and the head ache I went through.

Hi Guys ,

Don’t listen to a word this man says.

CryptoKnightMiner is a person who wants to make a name for himself using the Casa Miners brand. This person has attempted extortion and threats against us for his own interests. His content was created because we did not agree to his continuous threats of extortion. This user’s information has nothing to do with the truth, his is a futile attempt at manipulation.


Casa Miners Team

Hi @Smokey024 ,

This site is SCAM.
They request money , paid subscriptions , sensitive information
They threaten companies for profit. Casa Miners has already denounced this organisation. Do not have anything to do with this site.


Casa Miners Team

Well hate to say it but it common there a lot of comments through out the internet that your company plan out sucks you Might not be a complete scam but delivering 3 month late might as well be a scam.huge in lost profits and most likely those miner are garbage now they an’t make what they should have been. Plus for that three months who knows what u used there money for. Since u can’t deliver anything on time. BUYER BEWARE YOU WONT GET YOUR MINER WHEN THEY SAY YOU WILL


It is easy to see that this is fake content created by other competitors in the industry. Have you read what it says? Don’t be fooled. @Smokey024 when and if you are our customer, evaluate your experience. Casa Miners has always delivered on time for years now.

Kind Regards

Oh it is they just take it out on you only u. Dam wrong you just can’t deliver like everyone else. Your just praying off of the noobs that come in here. That’s y there is not a single credible regular in here that would vouche for u. And y I will alway say this after any of your post to hope a save someone from make a bad decision. BUYER BEWARE YOU WONT GET YOUR MINER WHEN THEY SAY YOU WILL

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Once again casa miners please provide proof of yalls claim against me.

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I second this

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I third this. Haven’t seen any proof from casa miners about all this “false” and “manipulated” information

did everyone that had a bad experience with casa miners order the ka3?

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Dear Vosk

My miner was a KA3. My negative experience was mainly due to the deceitful practices of the company. Delays, Defects, whatever the case maybe. Despite receiving multiple emails confirming shipping dates, a tracking number never got sent nor a follow up email. It’s frustrating to spend a significant amount of money with only email communication as the point of contact, especially when it takes a week or more to receive a response. I was repeatedly told that my miner would ship out on certain days and every single time no tracking number nor a follow up saying hey it’s not going to ship out now was received. Meanwhile, other buyers who ordered December batches from different sellers received their miners in mid-February. Then you look at the KDA network difficulty chart and that just tells the story itself. Hard to believe that Casa Miners was the only ones to have an issue with the KA3. Bottom line whatever the case maybe Casa Miners has a lot of work to do before I’d ever do business with them again or recommend them to anyone. Lastly any company that has to take the trustpilot stamp off their site and change the name on trustpilot is not a company I trust. I did not manipulate the two negatives reviews on there before mine even tho that’s what they claim. They say they are going to have a detailed article soon about the KA3 delay. Where’s it at really shouldn’t take that long for a company to write something up in my opinion unless they are pulling it out of you know where.

Mine was


I was finally able to get around to setting up my new KA3’s and when I opened the boxes I got an L7 and D9 instead! No wonder every one is talking smack about this company. Smfh.

It was discussed that I would accept an L7 and D9, however they never confirmed this. After not hearing back from them at all for a few days I told them I preferred a full refund assuming the KA3’s weren’t going to be fulfilled. They did not respond to me at all and decided to go ahead and ship out the L7 and D9 anyways. What a weasel move.

This company is all bad news. Let’s see if they will send out the correct miners. I don’t have high hopes. Again, what a disappointment of a company

Would you screenshot and post the email transcripts here? you can ofc redact your name, email, order number etc

shocked to hear that though…

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